Jay Carney Jay Carney (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)

Politico’s faux media critic (who doesn’t actually criticize liberal media) Dylan Byers intoned about White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “Three days into a changed environment in the briefing room, [reporters] say they admire how he has held his ground, deflecting reporters inquiries while at the same time maintaining the cool, no-drama demeanor that has long been a defining feature of the Obama White House.”

Admire Carney? I found that intensely odd considering the on- and off- air disparagement of his Friday press debacle and his recent encounters with an enraged media.

So I contacted half a dozen journalists from major news outlets, none of them conservative. I didn’t find anyone who admires Carney. One network producer responded as to whether there was admiration for Carney’s behavior: “People who work for Obama. Maybe.” Another cable news veteran retorted: “Not what I told him [Byers].” Others just laughed.

Charles Krauthammer had a much more accurate take on things on Fox News, observing of the president : “He is losing his constituency — that’s the media [Obama] counted on, correctly, after Benghazi, to be uninterested and to cover for him. Well, that’s over. They feel attacked by what was done to the AP, that they feel duped over Benghazi, and everybody’s angry over the IRS.” That certainly matches the sentiment concerning Carney as well.

Frankly, most reporters seem to be somewhere between incredulous and furious with the most inept press operation since, well, since a long time ago. The entire White House communications operation is so bad (Why wait so long to send the president out on the IRS? Why dissemble on what the president previously said about Benghazi?) and so distrusted that it can’t even keep “thrill up my leg” Chris Matthews or liberal wisecracker Jon Stewart on the reservation. And when Carney’s sop to the media in the form of belated support for a shield law resulted in a verbal fist-a-cuffs with Chuck Todd, one could see that it is far too late to kiss and make-up with the press corps.

No, “admiration” for anyone in this administration is at an all-time low among the media.