No grown-ups around. “If it wasn’t clear that President Obama’s policy on Syria is simply bizarre, Secretary of State John Kerry’s hat-in-hand trip to Russia last week should lay bare the reality. Asking Russia to support U.S. interests in Syria is like asking the fox to guard the hen house.”

President Obama speaks during a press conference. (Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency) President Obama at a news conference. (Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency)

Sophisticated national security gurus realize Iran’s nuclear weapons program is undeterred. “The reports of damage done by the virus Stuxnet to Iranian computers has provoked a sigh of relief by the West, which was happy with the reported delay of Tehran’s nuclear program — but now it turns out that maybe there was no reason to rejoice: A new study published in the UK reveals that Iran’s nuclear potential may actually have increased significantly following the penetration of the computer worm into the facility in 2009-2010.”

Wanted: Mature leadership on Syria:  “[W]hile Western leaders talk about organizing another meeting, the Assad regime is gaining ground, thanks to Russian and Iranian arms, Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, and newly organized Alawite militias. Those Syrians who do share the president’s hope for a “Syria that is still intact; that accommodates the interests of all the ethnic groups, all the religious groups inside of Syria; and that ends the bloodshed” are receiving no serious Western support. In this position of weakness, they may find it impossible even to turn up at a June conference, thereby handing a further victory to the Assad regime.

A sober assessment of the Benghazi e-mails. “CIA initially referred to ‘the attacks in Benghazi’ only to change its wording to mention ‘the demonstrations in Benghazi,’ which never actually took place. We do not know who introduced this error. But left unsaid in all of the revisions to the narrative was that the protest in Cairo was deliberate and organized, too.” Read the whole thing.

Adult supervision needed there. “[T]he recent Heritage study is nothing more than a flawed and distorted propaganda piece meant to kill immigration reform. The Heritage study is trying to address a macroeconomic question using a microeconomic model. Their methodology assumes that the immigrant population lives in some kind of isolated bubble, separate from our economy. That is a ridiculous premise. Immigrants bring vitality and productivity to our workforce that impacts every aspect of our economy.” Read the whole thing.

Seasoned White House watchers know things are just heating up. “Don’t look for the outcry over the Internal Revenue Service’s improper targeting of tea party groups to subside with the ouster of the agency’s acting commissioner. Three congressional committees are investigating, and the FBI is looking into potential civil rights violations at the IRS, Attorney General Eric Holder said. Other potential crimes include making false statements to authorities and violating the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in some partisan political activities, Holder said.”

If you’ve been around the block a few times, you know incidents like the IRS anti-conservative bias aren’t isolated. “The Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general will review claims the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refuses to waive public records fees for conservative groups while granting the waivers for environmental organizations.”