Which are gaining traction and which are not?

Senator Mitch McConnell-Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg Sen. Mitch McConnell-Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

UP: President Obama clueless about his own administration.

DOWN: Obama the most brilliant president ever.

UP: Media watchdogs.

DOWN: Media lapdogs.

UP: Liberals defending leak investigations.

DOWN: Liberals concerned about the Constitution.

UP:  Sunday talk-show hosts asking hard questions.

DOWN: Sending Dan Pfeiffer on the Sunday shows.

UP: Conservatives’ mood.

DOWN: Chances of Obama accomplishing anything any time soon.

UP: Loathing of the IRS.

DOWN: Trust in government.

UP: “I learned from the newspapers like many of you.”

DOWN: “A sort of God.”

UP: “Recusal.”

DOWN: “The buck stops here.”

UP: Democrats upset Congress was lied to.

DOWN: Democrats’ “What scandals?” spin.

UP: Sharyl Attkisson.

DOWN: David Gregory. For example:

MR. WOODWARD: And the [Obama] theory is, it seems, oh, there are investigations of the IRS so we can’t interfere. There is this leak investigation of the AP, so we can’t get involved. Oh, there is an investigation of Benghazi, so we’re not responsible. The President and the executive branch need to govern on a daily basis and you can’t purchase immunity from governing.

GREGORY: But you can’t conflate all those things, Bob.

MR. WOODWARD: Yes, you can.

GREGORY: Come on. No, you can’t. You can’t say that it’s okay for the president to tell the attorney general in a criminal matter what are you doing?

MR. WOODWARD: No. But there is a policy issue here, do you issue this broad-based subpoena on reporters?

GREGORY: Right, but the president can’t interfere with that.

MR. WOODWARD: No, no, but you need to have a policy set down and there is proper communication between the attorney general and the White House counsel on matters like this.

MS. NOONAN: Is he president or not? I mean, ultimately these are executive agencies which are proving so deeply problematic. At the end…

GREGORY: But again, you cannot mean the Justice Department. You cannot mean the Justice Department.

MS. NOONAN: I’m not sure what you mean.

GREGORY: Well, you can’t have the President of United States telling the attorney gen– isn’t that what Watergate was in part about, that there were directions of people to be fired that we can’t have that kind of political interference, right?

MS. NOONAN: I’m not even sure what you mean.