President Obama speaks during a press conference. (Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency) President Obama speaks during a press conference. (Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency)

Jay Carney now says the White House chief of staff knew about the Internal Revenue Service scandal weeks ago but never told the president. The Post reports: “The White House has said that President Obama did not learn of the IRS’s actions until he saw news reports on the matter earlier this month. In a series of TV appearances on Sunday, White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said the White House did not know the details of the investigation or its conclusion until it was released publicly last week….”

It is almost like nothing these guys say is reliable and complete.

The president also (we’ve been told) didn’t know about the unprecedented surveillance of reporters. Apparently, a great deal of important information is kept from the president.

That raises questions:

  • When did he find out Libya was overrun by al-Qaeda terrorists — before or after the Las Vegas campaign stop on Sept. 12, 2012?
  • When did he find out the anti-Muslim video had nothing to do with the Libya attack — before or after his United Nations speech on Sept. 25 tying the two items together?
  • When did he find out a rescue team hadn’t been deployed to Benghazi?
  • When did he find out Chuck Hagel was a dullard with a history of spouting anti-Israel nonsense?
  • When did he find out Syria probably did use chemical weapons?

Moreover, you have to worry about things still being kept from him:

  • Has anyone told him about the Department of Health and Human Services scandal involving a possible shakedown of health-care companies by the secretary who regulates them?
  • Has anyone told him that sanctions aren’t working to stop Iran’s nuclear program?
  • Has anyone mentioned that this is the worst economic recovery ever?

Conservatives seem to be under the impression that he knows a lot about these things. However, it could be that he knows practically nothing about anything of consequence. Maybe his aides have been trained not to bother him with any disturbing news, which means most of what he needs to know. (We already know he didn’t like security briefings until Benghazi struck.)

You see, conservatives have assumed that he is intentionally misleading us (e.g. a decade of war is ending, al-Qaeda is on its heels), when it’s now being suggested that he’s just clueless. It could be. (Heck, it even rubbed off on the previously micromanaging Hillary Clinton, who apparently didn’t know that Chris Stevens wanted more security, Benghazi was unsafe for her people and underlings were scapegoated.)

Here’s the thing though: If that is the case, who is running the administration?