Underachiever? ” [W]hen an administration and a president start out as Mr. Obama did, in essence reviling his predecessor’s policies in the Arab world and assuring Arabs that he had a new and better way, it is striking if the product is less popularity. And that is the case in Egypt. A new Pew poll says that while Bush’s popularity in Egypt in his last year in office, 2008, was 22 percent, today Obama’s rating has fallen even lower — to 16 percent.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies on the Benghazi attack before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. (Linda Davidson / The Washington Post) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies on the Benghazi attack before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

Uncontrolled? House Speaker John Boehner thinks the administration is: “We are going to continue to seek answers until we get to the truth. The administration hasn’t been upfront with the American people about Benghazi. They’re suggesting that reporters are criminals for doing their jobs. And we can’t get a straight answer from them on the IRS.”

Uncertain whether New Yorkers will follow South Carolinians in rehiring a disgraced pol. “Speaking to editors at the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper Thursday, [New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo], who also leads the state Democratic Party, weighed in on a [Anthony] Weiner candidacy for the first time. Weiner is back on the political scene two years after a series of raunchy text messages ended his congressional career. Asked how he’d react if Weiner won, Cuomo answered: ‘Shame on us.'” Good for him.

Undoubtedly. “IRS … Benghazi … AP … the scandals are mounting in D.C. Who’s to blame? Well, if you use the standards that federal prosecutors apply to corporations, the president would be held legally responsible for any wrongdoing by federal workers — whether he knew what they were doing or not.” But then President Obama’s incompetence would never be tolerated in the private sector.

Unavoidable. “Members of the House Oversight Committee are getting closer to asking Hillary Clinton to testify on last year’s deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya. . . . [Rep. Jason] Chaffetz has said that the panel is interested in talking with former CIA Director David Petraeus about the CIA’s intelligence on the attack, which killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stephens and three other Americans.” Neither one of them will come out looking very good.

Unacceptable, but she’s a Democrat! So naturally she’ll sail through: “Senators may confirm Penny Pritzker next month to lead the Commerce Department, a top Senate Republican said after a drama-free hearing Thursday. Commerce Committee senators on both sides of the aisle largely shied away from the controversies surrounding the family of Chicago billionaire and Hyatt Hotel heiress Pritzker, despite GOP criticism centering on the use of subprime lending practices and offshore bank accounts.” And union busting.

Unquestionably, yet some of the dead-enders in the president’s corner insist it’s much to do about nothing. “I think the most important thing is who was it that was behind the pernicious targeting of conservatives, and was it anybody in the White House or the campaign? And it’s possible the answer’s yes. We need to find out.”