Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) might be among the most vulnerable incumbent Democrats on the ballot in 2014. Hailing from a red state, he’s continually voted for the president’s liberal agenda, only taking a pause to vote against background check legislation. His own party now seems out to get him.

First, Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns is running an ad attacking Pryor for his vote. I imagine the state GOP is thrilled, hoping this will depress his support among Democrats.

Then — and this is really weird — the Dems are running an attack against possible challenger Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) for backing an Iran sanctions bill. This is mighty odd since Iran sanctions are supported on a bipartisan basis by huge majorities in the Congress these days. Nevertheless, this report suggests the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has gone off the deep end:

The campaign arm of the Senate Democratic Caucus on Thursday criticized Rep. Tom Cotton as “an extreme ideologue” over an amendment he offered to the Nuclear Iran Prevention Act of 2013.
At a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting Wednesday, Cotton sought to extend sanctions that would be imposed on Iranian human rights violators to close family members of the “primary malfeasant.”
Some Democrats on the panel raised concerns that the proposal was unconstitutional because it would violate “due process” protections guaranteed under the Fifth Amendment. Cotton, R-Dardanelle, argued that those protections only apply to U.S. citizens.
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued a news release Thursday that claimed Cotton’s proposal would “completely disregard American citizens’ due process rights guaranteed under the Fifth Amendment.”

What?!? The DSCC thinks we shouldn’t sanction Iranians because of the Fifth Amendment? If this is how they are going to craft a campaign against the GOP’s potential candidate, Cotton will be a lucky man.

Between attacks on Pryor from the left and wacko attacks on Cotton from the DSCC, the Senate race in Arkansas is shaping up to be a nightmare for Pryor. Might he just follow the parade of retirees?