UP: Attack dogs in the media.

DOWN: Lapdogs in the media.

Jay Carney- (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Jay Carney- (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

UP: Tough press conferences.

DOWN: Off-the-record meetings with reporters at the White House.

UP: Taking Obama’s scandals seriously.

DOWN: Obama’s scandals will “blow over soon.”

UP: Fox News’s credibility.

DOWN: Attorney General Eric Holder’s credibility.

UP: Democrats distancing themselves from the White House.

DOWN: Democrats attacking whistleblowers.

UP: Chances for a special prosecutor.

DOWN: Letting the Justice Department investigate itself.

UP: GOP prospects for taking the Senate in 2014.

DOWN: Democratic prospects for taking the House in 2014.

UP: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s buzz.

DOWN: New Yorkers’ tolerance for Anthony Weiner.