President Obama speaks during a press conference. (Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency) President Obama speaks at a press conference. (Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency)

The Wall Street Journal reports: “If Americans don’t see a unifying theme to his work, the president stands at greater risk of having his message drowned out by Republicans trying to gain traction on controversies such as the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups, some Democrats said.”

They’re kidding, right? His narrative is more government (with an unpopular health-care plan at the center). Do they imagine that a new “meme” will set things right for him? It is hard to fathom what advice he is getting when you read this sort of consultant-speak. But we can reverse-engineer, based on what the president and his top aides are doing, to divine what their supporters are telling them.

It might go something like this:

They are not “scandals,” darn it! That is Fox propaganda. There are a few bad apples behaving in ways unknowable to a president whose chief obligation is to avoid controversies that would bring on criticism. The notion that the president’s truth-telling about right-wing traitors who want to destroy this country should have signaled anyone to go after right-wing traitors who want to destroy this country is laughable. So no “scandal” talk. And we’ve been told on good authority this will all blow over in a month, so no worries.

Most important, keep Jay Carney there. In fact, more Jay Carney! Have him do the Ginsburg on the Sunday shows — week after week after week. And, for goodness sakes, don’t let him tell one complete, honest story and stick to it. Booooring! Make sure he insults reporters with terms like “birther” and by insisting he didn’t say what he said previously. It isn’t like there is some recording device that can play back his words to reveal the serial lying.

As for the president: His best shot is to pretend he’s not the CHIEF executive, to observe from on high. Phrases like “If I had my way …” or “If I ran the executive branch … ” work really well. Remember, his polls are fine, perfectly fine and are never, ever going to tank. Make sure the president now and then says something demonstrably false, like insisting he labeled Benghazi a terrorist attack on Sept. 12. You can never have enough Pinocchios.

Over at the IRS, the most important thing is to stress that no one knows anything about anything. Refuse to appoint a special prosecutor while officials take the Fifth, always a popular move with voters.

On the Department of Justice scandal … er … “incident for which the president’s vendetta against leakers is entirely unrelated,” have Eric Holder dissemble, then fake remorse and next bully the press into attending a pity party for him. Meanwhile, make sure the ACLU and Fox are both denouncing his conduct.

Then there is Benghazi, Libya. The only one who has a clue is Hillary Clinton. Darn right. What difference DOES it make? It isn’t like the president was absent on deck on the night an ambassador was killed. But they’ve done swell: Throwing the talking points into the scrum to avoid more important and damning issues? Bravo.

On the media, while infuriating real reporters, discredit the shills …  er … independent but perfectly reliable lefties by inviting them to a spin session and suggesting they write in unison on the same topic the next day.

Most of all, no cabinet changes, no shakeups, no elder statesmen. With a fabulous second term team like this, why change horses in the middle of a typhoon?

That must be what they are hearing, right? If so, they’re following directions perfectly.