In case you had any doubt, the Iran presidential election is rigged. ” ‘What is happening now is not an election but a form of theater and the candidates should really be called actors . . . The regime couldn’t care less who the people prefer.’ ” Read the whole thing.

Capitol building (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

In case you had any doubt, Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren are tougher on misogyny than MSNBC. “War On Women: Fox’s Megyn Kelly, Greta Boldly Slam Male Colleagues…Unlike MSNBC’s Female Stars.”

In case you had any doubt, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) can draw an enthusiastic crowd. “Outlining his vision for the growth of the Republican Party to a sold-out crowd at the Reagan Presidential Library, the senator from Kentucky said he had been able to stir interest among young voters — who otherwise have fled the Republican Party — with his brand of libertarian and conservative politics and his frequent assertion that government ‘is out of control.'”

In case you have any doubt, the mullahs are emboldened by Obama’s weakness. “Wars in the Middle East are caused not by oil or, as some scholars claim, water. Fundamentally, wars in the Middle East are caused by overconfidence. Despite the conspiracy theorists who believe that Washington seeks to provoke conflict with Tehran, the real danger is that Iran is becoming so overconfident as America shows its red lines to be ephemeral, that it feels it can use terrorism to pursue its ideological battle absent consequence.”

In case you had any doubt, the president is turning a blind eye toward Al-Qaeda so he need not bestir himself to act. “Obama is not interested in the bigger picture. Thus, the president celebrates the ‘end’ of the Iraq war, even as al Qaeda has redoubled its efforts in the country and expanded into neighboring Syria. He tells us that the war in Afghanistan will come to an end, even as al Qaeda holds onto territory and its allies vie for supremacy in the country. Obama says that others should lead the fight against al Qaeda in Mali, Somalia, Yemen, and elsewhere. In no theater of war, except homeland security, does Obama think that America should lead the way. The president simply chooses not to see that each of these conflicts is part of a cohesive international challenge to the United States and its allies.”

In case you had any doubt, the Obama administration has been totally ineffective in stopping Chinese cyberterrorism. “Congressional pressure is mounting for President Obama to talk tough this week to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on cybersecurity.
House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) is calling on Obama to explicitly warn the Chinese president that cyberattacks waged by the country’s government and military against the U.S. ‘will not be tolerated.’ ” But honestly, who believes the president’s threats at this point?

In case you had any doubt, Obama’s spinners still think they can get by on flimflam and prevarication. “Former White House senior advisor David Plouffe was sought to dismiss allegations of pervasive misconduct by IRS and Obama administration Sunday on ‘This Week.’ Plouffe, despite numerous reports suggesting otherwise, said the IRS misconduct was restricted to a few employees in the Cincinnati office who ‘did a dumb thing.’ “