The White House sycophants told us Benghazi was all about nothing, the scandals weren’t significant and the president wouldn’t be affected. Wrong, wrong and wrong. In fact, things are going so awfully for the administration (not coincidentally, making their media flacks seem, well, like flacks) that we now see:

1. President Obama’s poll numbers are at a 12-month low.

2. Presidential adviser and bully David Plouffe is accusing Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) of being a criminal.

3. The lefty offensive line for the Obama administration can no longer disguise their pro-Obama uniformity. (The word of the day is “overreach.”)

4. The administration is no longer quibbling over the word “scandal.”

5. The “we haven’t got a clue” defense did not endear the IRS to the public.

6. Eric Holder’s defense for lying to Congress amounts to, “Hey, we were just spinning judges to get a really overreaching, secret subpoena.”

7. Holder’s testimony was so damning that Republicans might want him back for another round.

8. VP Joe Biden seems to have gone into a self-imposed witness protection program.

9. The New York Times, the ACLU and conservatives are locking arms in defense of news outlets’ refusal to attend an off-the-record spin session with Holder.

10. The idea of Democrats running as a “third Obama term” now seems preposterous.