Good grief. “A group of former U.S. officials who advocate for softer policies on Iran is asking the Obama administration to ‘rebalance’ its approach to the Iranian regime by putting increased emphasis on diplomacy. Former Ambassadors William Luers and Frank Wisner called for a lighter touch against the state sponsor of terrorism during a briefing with Rep. Jim McDermott (D., Wash.) on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.”

Income tax forms (Bloomberg)

Good for him. Apparently competence, bipartisanship and fiscal conservatism are popular. “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) may be the most popular politician in the land. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows 41 percent of Americans view Christie positively, compared to just 12 percent who view him negatively. And he gets equally strong marks from across the political spectrum, with 43 percent of Democrats viewing him favorably. That 29-point split is the best among any politician studied, including longtime leader and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who is viewed positively by 49 percent and negatively by 31 percent.”

Good idea. “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on Wednesday dropped its plan to allow knives on airplanes, bowing to intense criticism from lawmakers and aviation groups.” This was a tough call?

Good golly. And it’s only beginning. “The IRS has put a top official in charge of implementing Obamacare on administrative leave after it was discovered he had accepted $1,162 in free food and other items during a 2010 conference. In a statement, the IRS confirmed that two employees have been placed on administrative leave — which is paid — and have begun the process of removing them.”

Good question: Why isn’t he being prosecuted? “Former CIA Director Leon Panetta revealed the name of the Navy SEAL unit that carried out the Osama bin Laden raid and named the unit’s ground commander at a 2011 ceremony attended by ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ filmmaker Mark Boal, according to a draft Pentagon inspector general’s report obtained by a watchdog group.”

Good way to further disgrace the profession. “The disgraced former Democratic presidential hopeful, ex-Sen. John Edwards, plans to open a personal injury law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, according to a report on CNN.”

Good luck with that. Obama rules the roost and he intends to forfeit the U.S. role in shaping Syria’s fate. “President Obama is making important changes on his national security team, which will serve to elevate the status of both Susan Rice, slated to be the new national security adviser, and Samantha Power, who will be nominated to be the next UN ambassador. Both Rice and Power are known for their humanitarian interventionist viewpoints; they were widely seen as two of the key advocates for military action in Libya in 2011. Perhaps in their new positions they can make the case to Obama more effectively for greater American involvement in Syria where the situation continues to spiral downward.”