Americans aren’t buying it. “Obama Calls Surveillance Programs Legal and Limited.”

President Obama and President Xi Jinping- Evan Vucci/A.P.

It’s not just conservatives anymore. David Ignatius doesn’t buy the notion that Eric Holder should keep his job. “The problem with Holder is the plain fact that, in the judgment of a wide range of legal colleagues, he has been a mediocre attorney general. Holder’s mistakes in management and judgment are clear in the current controversy about leak investigations. He was silent as zealous prosecutors overrode the Justice Department’s guidelines for subpoenaing reporters; he recused himself from the case but bizarrely doesn’t seem to have kept a written record of the recusal; and he failed utterly to anticipate the political flap that erupted when Justice informed the Associated Press that it had collected the call records for more than 20 phone lines.”

Even if President Obama is right, the voters no longer buy what he is selling. “Under Supreme Court precedents, there is an ‘objectively reasonable’ expectation of privacy about the content of our conversations — one that society and our law protect from government intrusion absent probable cause that it will contain proof of a crime. The metadata, to the contrary, is unprotected — just like the addresses on the outside of the envelope that everyone gets to see, or like the pages of the phone books in my old office.”

Alan Dershowitz isn’t buying the libertarian and far-left hysteria. “We heard lies from [Glenn] Greenwald. He says that we’re not targeting terrorism. He says this is because we want to get political information against political opponents. It’s just not the case.”

In case you were buying into “Russian reset”: “Five of the defendants now on trial [in Russia] were students; six were self-declared political activists of varying views. Their ranks include a freelance journalist, a sales manager, an artist and a subway worker. Several were not previously active in politics. They range in age from 19 to 51, but most are in their 20s, and among them are liberals, leftists and an anarchist. The 10 men in the group have all been detained for about a year, while the two women were released, one on her own recognizance and the other under house arrest. More famous Russians say they also are afraid of losing their freedom.” Not a peep from Obama.

I don’t think the Chinese leader is buying Obama’s case against China’s cyberterrorism. “Chinese officials promised to work together with the U.S. on the issue but claimed that they, too, were victims of cyber-intrusions.” Righhhht.

Hard for liberals to buy, but Obama is actually worse than President George W. Bush. “Beyond the familiar ring of that rationale, U.S. officials, civil liberties groups and security experts said the revelations show that, as much as Obama has sought to distance himself from the counterterrorism policies of his predecessor, he has embraced and in some cases expanded controversial programs that originated under Bush.” And Bush never said the war against jihadist terror was over.