President George W. Bush (left) with his impersonator at the 2006 Washington Correspondents’ dinner (Jonathan Newton/Washington Posr)

There were a number of standouts this week. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) kept up the effort for a passable immigration reform bill while sounding a clear voice on foreign policy. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) decided to come down on the side of a sound immigration reform plan and has offered up his suggestions for border security.

But this week special recognition should go to former president George W. Bush. He not only passed Obama in the polls, but he also was vindicated in the revelation that yet another anti-terror policy (National Security Agency surveillance) has been adopted by his successor. Moreover, in finally acknowledging we must arm the Syrian rebels, Obama confirmed one key aspect of the Bush doctrine: the promotion of people seeking freedom from repression.

In the wake of so many Obama administration failures in foreign policy — a premature exit from Iraq, Syria, the “peace process,” neglect of human rights, Iran — we can now better appreciate Bush’s foreign policy legacy. President Bush’s decisiveness and moral clarity, as well as the affection and appreciation of former advisers, are more vivid after five years of Obama. So for all that, well done President Bush.