UP: Silly chatter about the new “moderate” Iranian president.

DOWN: Chances Russia will help negotiate a peace deal for Syria.

U.S. Capitol (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

UP: Criticism over President Obama’s half-hearted, late step on Syria.

DOWN: Faith in Obama’s approach to Syria. Obama fan Jeffrey Goldberg (“This is the worst of all possible worlds. This is dipping a toe in. This is signaling that we’re in, but we’re not really in”) now sounds like George Will (“Don’t be tentative, whatever else you do, and don’t be tardy. General McArthur said every military debacle can be explained by two words: Too late. Too late to discern the threat, to prepare for the threat, to respond to the threat”).

UP: GOP Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s standing with voters.

DOWN: Hillary Clinton’s image as a competent manager.

UP: Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who was right on Syria all along.

DOWN: Obama’s standing with the left.

UP: Obamacare as a GOP selling point.

DOWN:  Obamacare as Dem selling point.

UP: Fourth Amendment ignorance leading to fear-mongering on NSA programs.

DOWN: Obama’s ability to distance himself from successful Bush-Cheney anti-terror policies.

UP: Skepticism about big government.

DOWN: Obama credibility.

UP: Former VP Dick Cheney.

DOWN: Sniping at Sharyl Attkisson. You don’t see anyone messing with MSNBC journalists’ computers.