Forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. (Rami Bleible/Reuters) Forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. (Rami Bleible/Reuters)

UP: Foreign Sunni militants flooding into Syria.

DOWN: Sympathy for Edward Snowden (whose itinerary is Hong Kong to Russia to South America).

UP: Howard Dean.

DOWN: Nancy Pelosi.

UP: New York Gov.  Andrew Cuomo’s interest in 2016.

DOWN: Prospects for young working class Americans.

UP: Senators signing on to the immigration-reform bill.

DOWN: Warm fuzzy feelings about Russia. (“Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the third-ranking Senate Democratic leader, said Sunday that Russia will face ‘serious consequences’ if it harbors Edward Snowden, who has been charged with espionage.”)

UP: Despair over human rights in the Middle East. (“a large number of teenagers in the Hashemite kingdom [of Jordan] not only consider honor killings to be legally just, but advocate them on moral grounds”).

DOWN: Credibility of liberal columnists who tout progress for women in Saudi Arabia. (“Two of Saudi Arabia’s leading activists for women’s rights were recently sentenced to 10 months in prison — after which they will have their passports withdrawn for two years — for trying to take food to a battered spouse who had been locked in her home with her three young children without provisions.”)

UP: Tech industry’s influence on immigration reform.

DOWN: Sen. Rand Paul’s credibility with tech industry.

UP: Anxiety over the Fed.

DOWN: The Dow.