On the money: “Tony Soprano is not just an anti-hero viewers hate to love. He embodies a kind of moral code that we secretly wish we could be governed and protected by. He represents a strict interpretation of right and wrong, of loyalty first to his immediate loved ones, then to his extended mafia relatives and only after that to the rest of the world.”

The Supreme Court (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

On the fence. I have doubts about a special prosecutor, but Ron Fournier makes a good case for appointing one. “There is a hard truth that partisans won’t admit: Until more is known, we can’t implicate or exonerate anybody. If forced to guess, I would say that the IRS and its White House masters are guilty of gross incompetence, but not corruption. I based that only on my personal knowledge of – and respect for – Obama and his team. But I shouldn’t have to guess. More importantly, most Americans don’t have a professional relationship with Obama and his team. Many don’t respect or trust government. They deserve what Obama promised nearly six weeks ago – accountability.”

On the other hand . . .  “The environmental left says Obama changed the paradigm on Keystone Tuesday and now he has no room to oppose it. Conservatives say otherwise . . . Supporters of pipeline didn’t see Tuesday as a defeat. They say Obama made it more likely he’ll approve the pipeline in the Georgetown speech. Though they agree with opponents of Keystone that Obama set new parameters for deciding whether Keystone is approved, they read the new parameters as tilting things in their favor. Supporters cite a March environmental impact report from the State Department showing the pipeline will not create more carbon emissions than other means of transport the Canadian oil Keystone is meant to carry.” Don’t bet on Obama’s intellectual consistency, folks.

On the nose. From the Competitive Enterprise Institute on the president’s global warming initiative: “It confirms the Obama administration’s all-out war on coal, calls for more negotiations on a treaty the Senate will never ratify and displays an alarming lack of knowledge about the state of climate science. Congress should move immediately to defund as much of this as possible.”

On the mark: “Past arms control capitulations by the United States were supposed to yield a more beneficial relationship with Russia under the guise of a ‘reset.’ Until the U.S. relationship with Russia actually gets reset in practice, rather than just in Obama Administration rhetoric, it is difficult to see why Russia should continue to be rewarded with arms control negotiations potentially resulting in limitations on U.S. missile defenses. At a minimum, the Senate must be able to pass on the wisdom of whatever comes out of those negotiations by considering them in treaty form, just as our founders demanded, and just as we have done for the considerable part of our arms control history.”

On top of it. James Capretta on preexisting conditions: “Those who seek to repeal Obamacare need to coalesce around a solution to the problem that is minimally intrusive because, without a practical alternative, it will be very difficult to dislodge the existing law. . . . [Those with preexisting conditions] should be allowed to move seamlessly between job-based and individually-owned insurance products without fear of being risk-rated based on their health status. Enacting this kind of protection will necessarily mean that many more people with histories of significant ailments will move into the individual insurance market, and thus potentially drive up premiums for current enrollees. To prevent the market from destabilizing during the transition period, it will be necessary to subsidize the premiums for the very costliest cases. That can be done with properly funded high-risk pools.” Read the whole thing.

On a roll. Immigration reform opponents come out with another outlandish claim, which Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) bats down. Like the fake “free phones,” immigration know-nothings say there will be free cars! Umm. No.”There are absolutely no cars, motorcycles, or scooters for young Americans in the immigration bill, and no taxpayer dollars will be used to fund the new jobs program for American youth.”