Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), guilty of honesty in calling out her party: “I’m proud to be a Republican, proud to be from the party of Ronald Reagan. But the party of Ronald Reagan joined up with this administration to agree to make sequestration cuts to our department of defense that threaten the readiness of our forces. I think, as a Republican in the party of Ronald Reagan, we shouldn’t have put our military on the chopping block.”

S.E. Cupp S.E. Cupp in 2011 (Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post)

In a must-read letter, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) delivers hard truths to tea partyers who “have heard that ‘the Secretary of Homeland Security can just ignore the border requirement.’ But this is not true. The department does have discretion on where to build the fence, but not on the amount of fencing it must build. . . .They’ve also heard that ‘the Secretary of Homeland Security can just waive the radars, drones, ground sensors and other technology required in the bill.’ But that is not true.  . . . They oppose the bill because they have heard that it creates a taxpayer subsidy for people ‘to buy a car or a scooter.’ That is not true. Nothing in this bill allows that. And they oppose the bill because they have heard that last Friday ‘a brand new 1,100 page bill that no one had read is now what is before the Senate.’ That is not true.” Can people who say so many false things be taken seriously?

S.E. Cupp gets points for candor: “No wonder Congress has an approval rating of only 10 percent. So some are asking, where will the fresh blood come from? My answer is, look to the governors, my friends. A recent Pew poll shows Republicans like their state governments much more than they do the federal government; and given the fact that 30 of 50 statehouses are in the hands of Republican governors — with state populations near 184 million — that’s a good place to start. Just look at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, he’s almost a household name far beyond his state.”

Unfortunately for the U.S.’s interests around the world, the Obama team lacks credibilty: “You can’t help but feel that the Russian Bear and Chinese Dragon are enjoying the chance to tweak ol’ Uncle Sam’s nose over the Edward “I’ve got lots of super-secret laptops” Snowden affair.Their unwillingness to extradite the slippery systems administrator-cum-spy is just the latest example of the waning of American global power and influence courtesy of Team Obama.”

The bitter reality for immigration reform opponents: “The Senate moved closer to passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation on Wednesday by approving a “border security surge” in a 69-29 vote. Fifteen Republicans voted for the major amendment, putting the Gang of Eight close to their target of winning 70 votes for final passage. The Senate also defeated a GOP budget point of order that sought to stop the immigration measure.” If you said three months ago that the Gang of Eight would be close to 70 votes, most would have thought you mad.

Factually correct and politically wise: “Congressional Republican leaders are speaking with resounding unity: the same-sex marriage fight is ending on Capitol Hill. While conservative rank-and-file want to continue the fight that has, in part, defined the Republican Party for much of the last few decades, leadership is eager to shift it to state capitals across the country.”

Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign has even taken a sound approach. “Ken Cuccinelli has always believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Going forward, he will continue to defend the will of the people of Virginia, an overwhelming majority of whom voted to protect the definition of traditional marriage under Virginia’s Constitution. Ken’s consistency and clarity on this matter stands in stark contrast to Terry McAuliffe who is eager to attack the attorney general without taking a position himself. Trying to pin down Terry McAuliffe on this issue—just like so many other issues—is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.”