UP:  Anti- Americanism in Egypt.

DOWN: Justice Anthony Kennedy’s clarity in the DOMA case.

The Supreme Court (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

UP: GOP prospects on a national level with gay marriage moving to the states.

DOWN: GOP’s prospects in  2016 if they can’t make headway with Hispanic voters.

UP: Dictators who snub President Obama.

DOWN: Obama’s cavalier attitude toward a “29-year-old-hacker.”

UP: Those who spotted from the get-go that the Russian reset was a farce.

DOWN: People who gushed over Edward Snowden.

UP: Number of times House Speaker John Boehner must wonder why he took the job.

DOWN:  The state’s case against George Zimmerman.

UP: Hysteria on the left induced by Voting Rights Act case, which few understood fully.

DOWN: Chance Congress will recraft the Section 4 formula, bringing blue northern states under scrutiny.

UP: John Kerry’s active imagination that the “peace process” can still process.

DOWN: Chances the “peace process” will be revived.

UP: Number of liberals dismayed with Obama’s Middle East paralysis.

DOWN: Chances the Iranian mullahs will take any threat from Obama seriously.

UP: Movies about pro-American superheroes.

DOWN: Movies about washed-up domestic terrorists.

UP: Wendy Davis’s personal prospects.

DOWN: Prospects that a law banning abortions after 20 weeks will fail in the Texas legislature.