Another rationale to dump the defense sequester. “Sequestration Endangers Missile Defense Program.”

Mitch McConnell Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Another basis for optimism for the GOP in 2014. “Elected officials and political analysts said the president’s crackdown on coal, the leading source of industrial greenhouse gases, could have consequences for Senate seats being vacated by retiring Democrats in West Virginia and South Dakota, for shaky Democratic incumbents like Mary L. Landrieu of energy-rich Louisiana, and for the Democratic challenger of Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader.”

Obamacare may be the reason for flipping both the House (2010) and Senate (2014) and understandably so. Remember when Obama said everything was on track? Not so. “The White House will delay until 2015 the enforcement of a requirement for businesses to provide workers health insurance under the Affordable Care Act . . . In the absence of a mandate next year, Treasury says it will ‘strongly encourage employers to maintain or expand health coverage.’ . . . If firms respond to this delay by dropping health coverage or waiting to expand it, the cost of Obamacare to taxpayers is likely to increase.” Like his foreign policy, a toothless plea is all he’s got.

The motivation for the GOP selecting a governor in 2016 is only getting stronger. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder can boast: “[Michigan’s] economy is at a 10-year high and is the sixth-fastest-growing economy in the country. We’ve added 267,000 private sector jobs since our low point in 2009, when the unemployment rate hit 14.2 percent. The bulk of those jobs—182,000—have been created in the past two-and-a-half years. The result is that the state’s unemployment rate has been cut by 40 percent, to 8.4 percent. Creating a business-friendly tax and regulatory environment is at the core of the reinvention of Michigan.”

Immigration restrictionists’ economic argument makes no sense. “According to a Small Business Administration-commissioned report in 2012 by Robert W. Fairlie, an economics professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, the business ownership rate is higher for immigrants than the native-born, with 10.5 percent of the immigrant work force owning a business compared with 9.3 percent of the native-born work force. Those numbers refer to ownership of existing businesses; immigrants are also more likely to start a business in any given month.” This is predictable given immigration is inherently entrepreneurial.

Justification for teetotaling on vacation. “A clear fluid, methanol provides the same temporary ‘high’ as regular alcohol – but with much more devastating effects. In May this year, British backpacker Cheznye Emmons died of methanol poisoning on a trip to Sumatra in Indonesia . . . After an arduous five-hour journey through the jungle on foot and then by rickshaw and taxi to hospital, Cheznye was put into an induced coma. But she never woke up and died five days later. With the summer holiday season fast approaching and thousands of young people heading off for post-exam breaks and gap-year projects in far-flung destinations, parents may need to warn their children of a new potential travel risk.”

Isn’t lying grounds for firing him? “Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has apologized for a ‘clearly erroneous’ statement he made to Congress over the National Security Agency’s surveillance activity.” Who knew that’s all it took?