New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been racking up endorsements from Democratic officeholders. His staff sends around this clip from a speech receiving the endorsement of one of these Democrats, Point Pleasant Borough Mayor William Schroeder. Aside from the reference to the Jersey shore, this easily could be part of a 2016 presidential stump speech:

You can see why Christie, especially after an expected huge win in November, would be such a powerful candidate. He doesn’t look or sound like other candidates, he appeals to ordinary Americans’ desire for elected officials to “do something,” he has distance from D.C. but a record of executive accomplishment, and he’s got a really effective delivery (mixing high-mindedness with a can-you-believe-these-jokers attitude that voters can relate to).

Christie won’t say whether he will run in 2016 until he’s cleared his reelection hurdle. But candidly, he’d be nuts not to. The notion that a small cadre of uber-conservative pundits (his most vocal foes) have a better sense of American voters than Christie is laughable. Moreover, the pattern in GOP presidential primaries is rather predictable — the far right candidates flame out and/or eat each other alive while the best of the mainstream candidates makes it through. There is no reason Christie can’t be that candidate.