President Obama in Germany President Obama appears at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)

Confused. “Mr. Obama’s rhetorical problems — and they filter down to those who take their cues from him — reflect a flawed view of what rhetoric is and what it can do. The president, like many products of American elite education, seems to believe that admirable sentiments eloquently expressed are good deeds well done.

He was encouraged in this belief, even before winning the White House, by an enchanted press corps.” Read the whole thing.

The bewildered could learn a thing or two from Congress. “Qatar’s ambassador to Washington, Mohammed Bin Abdullah al-Rumaihi, is about to receive a letter that will put his diplomatic skills to the test. Congressmen Peter Roskam (R-IL) and John Barrow (D-GA) are circulating a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter on Capitol Hill this week, collecting signatures to challenge the uber-wealthy Persian Gulf emirate over its financial ties to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.” The White House should be doing this.

Dumbfounded Republicans who see no rationale for immigration reform should pay attention to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.): “[H]oping to lure Latino voters in elections, Ryan sells his argument as an ‘economic-based immigration system,’ one aide said. The idea is that the economy will be better served by eliminating the raft of undocumented workers currently serving in low-wage jobs, bringing them into the legal workforce and setting up the right number of visas for skilled employees in key industries.”

Baffled as to why the president is considered a zero-troop option in Afghanistan? Gen. Jack Keane: “I think you need the troops there probably for about a five-year period. … [T]hose numbers are around 20,000. The administration is not going to entertain that, I believe. The generals recommended a little less than that, and I would suspect, given the fact that this administration has never accepted a force level recommendation from its generals, that they will put in play some forces that will be the minimum forces, something probably under 10,000, which will be far less than what the generals believe is necessary.” True, there’s no reason to think Obama will start listening to the generals now.

Confounded as to why we keep burdening students (and subsidizing over-priced universities) with debt that they can’t repay? Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) wants to change the whole student loan system. “The fundamental problem here isn’t the loans. The fundamental problem here is the tuition rates that continue to climb across this country. … How many other parts of our economy grew their revenue and their spending at a pace faster than inflation over the last decade? The evidence is that every time we increase the amount of student aid that is available in both Pell Grants and loan programs, that’s just eaten up by a higher tuition rate.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is chastised for his befuddled thinking on immigration. “I’d be curious to know how he intends to address this thorny problem. But then Jindal fails to address why conservatives ought to embrace not just a path to legalization but a path to citizenship. Is he suggesting that conservatives who believe that a path to citizenship implicitly rewards unauthorized immigrants are not sufficiently compassionate? And does he believe that this is only the view of a small minority? Jindal doesn’t bother to make the case that unauthorized immigrants ought to be granted legal status. Rather, he seems to assert that almost everyone, conservatives included, already agree with him.” Ouch.

The White House, bedeviled by complaints, calls anyone calling for a full delay of Obamacare “willfully ignorant.” The Hill: “On the heels of criticism from Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) over the delay in ObamaCare’s employer mandate, White House press secretary Jay Carney said on  Wednesday that those who suggested delaying the employer mandate in the president’s signature healthcare law was unusual were ‘willfully ignorant about past precedent.’ ” Unalloyed arrogance in full display.