Attorney General Eric Holder is the perfect man to run President Obama’s Justice Department; neither miss an opportunity to pander on race or distort facts to suit their partisan aims.

Eric Holder Attorney General Eric Holder (J.Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

Holder went to speak to the NAACP on Tuesday. It took him no time to denounce the “stand your ground” laws, the Florida version of which was not invoked in the Trayvon Martin case. But of course to denounce laws of self-defense, on which the case did turn, would be both inane and unhelpful in stirring the base. So grab an issue, associate it with a hot-button topic and demagogue to audiences prepared to cast doubt on the justice system that Holder is sworn to uphold.

But the intellectual dishonesty did not stop there. As his own Justice Department quietly tells reporters, there is no evidence of racism on which to base a civil rights case. Yet Holder bonds with his audience over another round of racial aggrievement and anger. He shares innocuous incidents (he was pulled over twice in his car and questioned while running to a movie) to involve race and establish his bona fides with those already incensed about the George Zimmerman acquittal. Does it matter the jury found ample doubt and no evidence of racism? Does it matter there was no evidence of racism unearthed by the FBI? Facts are irrelevant when you are stirring the pot of racial antagonism.

As Peter Wehner puts it:

What we’re seeing from the left is post-modernism on full display. The facts, the truth and objective reality are subordinate to the progressive narrative. In this particular instance many liberals so want the killing of Trayvon Martin to be driven by bigotry–which would serve as both an indictment of racial attitudes in America and turn a horrible mistake into a “modern-day lynching”–that they will make it so, even if it requires twisting the truth into something unrecognizable. What matters, after all, is The Cause. And everything, including basic facts, must be bent to fit it. This kind of systematic deconstruction of truth is fairly common in college liberal arts courses all across America. But when it becomes the primary mode of interpretation in a murder trial, it is something else again.

If Holder were an MSNBC talking head or lefty pundit parroting the racial angle and averting his eyes from the facts, it would be nothing extraordinary. Intellectual dishonesty is the order of the day. But he is the attorney general of the United States, for goodness sakes. He has a higher obligation to the truth and to promoting respect for the courts. Instead, he chooses to bend and twist the facts to deliver an indictment of American justice and his fellow citizens that casts them as menacing, unfair and biased.

No wonder that Holder, the left and the racial grievance-mongers could not accept the proposition that the states previously under the watchful eye of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act have changed in 50 years. No, no, you see, the bias is there — it has to be. Just like Zimmerman has to be racist. They are convinced that the stain of racism never fades. The absence of evidence is not going to get in their way.

The need to perpetuate a false narrative to sustain the appearance of racism is as endemic on the left as it is reprehensible. And leading the charge, alas, is the attorney general.