UP: John Kerry’s trips to the Middle East.

DOWN: Chances for an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty.

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UP: Iranian progress on getting a nuclear weapon.

DOWN: Centrality of “peace process” to Middle East woes.

UP: IRS connections to the White House.

DOWN: White House credibility on the IRS scandal.

UP: Talk about a federal prosecution of George Zimmerman.

DOWN: Chances for a federal prosecution of George Zimmerman.

UP: Right-wing bad-mouthing of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

DOWN: Right-wing media’s impact on GOP presidential primaries.

UP: Russian aggression.

DOWN: Chances we will get back Edward Snowden.

UP: Punditry about race.

DOWN: Percentage of African Americans who cite “discrimination as the main reason blacks on average have worse jobs, income, and housing than whites.”