Strong start by calling out the thuggish Venezuelan government. “The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved Samantha Power, President Barack Obama’s nominee to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, clearing the way for a vote in the full 100-member Senate. All but two of the panel’s 18 members voted in favor of Power, who was expected to win confirmation easily by the full Senate. Venezuela said last week it was ending efforts to improve ties with the United States after Power vowed during her confirmation hearing to oppose what she called a crackdown on civil society in the ‘repressive’ OPEC nation.” Let’s hope she keeps it up.

(Charles Dharapak/Associated Press) (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

The beginning of the end (again) of Anthony Weiner, we can only hope. Andy McCarthy concludes that “over a year after resigning in disgrace, and over six months after his wife gave birth to their son, Weiner was not only still engaging in similar behavior but actually exploiting the scandalous images that forced his resignation as part of the new round of sexting. If he can survive that, it is not he but New York City that is beyond saving.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) commences the next round of government-shutdown politics. “We are probably going to have to pass in September here a short-term budget to move forward into the next year. And a lot of my colleagues love to say that they’re against Obamacare. But if you vote for a budget that pays for Obamacare, that pays for these things I’ve just described, you have voted for Obamacare.” Well, at least make the Senate Democrats vote for it.

It dawns on a columnist in her hometown that she doesn’t accomplish much. “I call [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren the Big Noise because in her brief political career she has proved to be a panderer of Charles Schumer-esque proportions. For 28 years we had a showhorse senator, John Kerry, better known for posturing on television (his unflattering nickname was ‘Liveshot’) than getting things done. With her PR savvy and her lawyerly gift of gab, Warren makes for a worthy successor.” Ouch.

Cue the benighted wife routine. Huma Abedin: “Anthony’s made some horrible mistakes. Both before he resigned from Congress and after. But I do very strongly believe that is between us and our marriage. We discussed all of this before Anthony decided to run for mayor. So really what I want to say is, I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him, and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward.” Just because she is willing to put up with a creep doesn’t mean New Yorkers should.

Since his campaign kickoff it’s been one scandal after another. “A  Virginia-based company that helped finance Terry McAuliffe’s former auto manufacturing firm GreenTech has been identified as part of an investigation  into a potentially problematic visa scheme, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.”

This will likely initiate a new round of violence. “Al Qaeda’s Iraq affiliate asserted responsibility on Tuesday for brazen assaults on two prisons on the outskirts of Baghdad two days earlier that freed hundreds of inmates, including many of its own members, in one of the most serious breaches of security since the final American military withdrawal from the country more than two years ago.” That withdrawal was necessitated by the Obama administration’s inability to negotiate a status of forces agreement.