Who said it?

1. “Anthony Weiner wasn’t particularly qualified to be mayor. He has never run anything bigger than a 16-person congressional office, and he didn’t do that very well. He’s a rhetorician and not a manager. and a big city like New York requires really strong management skills, as we saw in the current and previous mayor.”

(Charles Dharapak/Associated Press) Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

2. “I think that they think it’s time for him to go away, and let New York have its mayor’s race.”

3. “We all know the government is going to get funded; the only question is if the government gets funded with ObamaCare or without it.”

4. “When you have Rand Paul actually comparing [Edward] Snowden to Martin Luther King or Henry David Thoreau, this is madness, this is the anti-war Democrats in the 1960s that destroyed their party for almost 15 years.”

5. “Well — there hasn’t been an investigation! The Justice Department’s isn’t complete. The [IRS] inspector general never conducted an investigation; he conducted an audit. So where’s the investigation?”

The answers are: 1.Here, 2.here, 3. here, 4.here and 5. here