Just when you think the blowhards in the Senate can’t get any worse, they do.

Ted Cruz Sen. Ted Cruz (Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) declared:

I am proud to stand side by side with Rand Paul. He and I have been fighting over and over and over again in the Senate to defend our constitutional liberties. I’ll say this — some of this tiff, Governor Christie is entitled to his views, he’s entitled to express his views, I think most Americans don’t care about politicians bickering in Washington. They don’t care about egos and the battles that will happen in the beltway. What they’re interested in is solving the problems that we’ve got here.

But what does that mean? He stands with Rand Paul in wanting to dismantle the NSA program and in his false understanding of the Fourth Amendment? He stands with Rand Paul in thinking Edward Snowden is akin to Martin Luther King Jr.? He stands with Rand Paul in not understanding that the FBI’s understanding of “reasonable expectation of privacy” is the same one the Supreme Court has used for decades? He stands for the proposition that we have no right to deem terrorists captured overseas as enemy combatants?

Even when Cruz is in full demagogue mode, he makes little sense. And it’s rather amusing that the junior senator from Texas who opposes anything that could pass Congress lauds voters who “don’t care about egos and the battles that will happen in the beltway” and are “interested in . . . solving the problems that we’ve got here.” What problem has Cruz solved? What plan for, say, healthcare has he advanced?

Cruz actually does stand with Rand Paul. Both are unthoughtful and destructive. Both have joined in the foolish proposal to damage the chain of command in the name of making commanders responsible for sexual assaults. Both have a one-liner — “Defund Obamacare” — with no real clue as to what to do when Democrats won’t go along. It is hard to decide who is worse. Cruz is supposedly smart and you’d think would know better. But then again, standing with the man who thinks we should contain a nuclear-armed Iran is just plain dumb.