This is getting fun. In response to Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s outburst, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie let him have it:

Notice how Christie relishes a fight in his comments on Paul. (“If we disagree
on certain issues, we disagree. You know, his response seems that he has
something personal against me, but that’s okay. He can just get in line on that
front.”) And consider also that the former United States attorney usually has facts to back up his claims. He is right on the math when it comes to Paul’s claim that New Jersey is somehow a greedy state, according to this chart. Yes, New Jersey taxpayers get 61 cents back for every dollar sent to Washington while Kentucky gets $1.51.

Christie didn’t go there, but the other response to Paul (who accuses the former federal prosecutor of being “flippant” about the Bill of Rights) is that Paul is so ignorant about the Fourth Amendment the FBI had to explain to him what “a reasonable expectation of privacy” is.

The problem with Paul’s shtick is that it — and he — collapse upon contact with a knowledgeable opponent. As for Christie,  I do wonder what he’d say about Paul’s praise for the traitor Edward Snowden.