New Yorkers may revive your faith that there are limits to what voters will endure. The Quinnipiac poll finds that Anthony Weiner has dropped 10 points in about a month, is in fourth place in the mayoral race and has convinced 52 percent of New Yorkers he should get out of the contest. The pollster says he’s in “free fall.”

(Charles Dharapak/Associated Press) (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

There is some irony for Clinton watchers here. The couple that set the standard for tolerating infidelity in the service of political power is said to be miffed that Weiner won’t go away.

It’s not that the Clintons fear for the good people of New York; as usual their concern is purely selfish. It’s not Anthony, I suspect, that is gnawing at Hillary and Bill but Huma. Huma’s made herself into the object, first, of pity and then of disgust; her relationship with Hillary is just a little too close. Too power-hungry, too transparently self-delusional, Huma suggests that she learned all the wrong lessons from Hillary.

Well, suffice it to say Hillary has never really lived up to her billing. Hillarycare followed by a mind-numbingly incompetent campaign, topped off by a scandal- and gaffe-laden tenure at State. The doyenne of feminism never did much in office for the women of Afghanistan, China, Iran, etc. And now her young acolyte is misplaying the brave wife role, dredging up memories of Hillary’s decision to keep Bill and her own ambitions alive.

Now, having distinguished themselves in the art of placing political ambition over fidelity (and the serial lying that accompanies it), Hillary and Bill can only watch from the sidelines as amateurs Anthony and Huma refuse to vacate the stage. Surely Bill and Hillary can show some patience. They of all people should appreciate how terrifying is the possibility that all their grandiose political ambitions are going up in smoke. Hillary survived, but the political future of Anthony and Huma (absent a divorce and deprogramming from the Weiner cult of one) won’t.

Hillary and Bill will have to grin and bear it. The echo of their own unseemly past will dissipate soon enough.