It’s the fraud that’s so costly. “The CBO expects the Obama administration’s
unilateral rewriting of federal law (my words, not CBO’s) will increase federal
spending by $3 billion in 2014 and reduce federal revenues by a net $9 billion,
thereby increasing the federal debt by $12 billion.”

The president’s populism is a poorly disguised deception. “President Obama said he’s interested in tax reform for corporations — but not for families or small businesses. Once again, the president is playing favorites. It isn’t the first time. He wants to give some businesses relief from ObamaCare. But he refuses to give the same relief to families. He wants to funnel money to his green-energy cronies. But he refuses to let us develop our energy resources and create good-paying jobs. He wants to give big banks a backstop — and a leg up on community banks. The president claims his economic agenda is for the middle class. But it’s actually for the well-connected.”

Obama’s corporate tax “reform” is a ruse to put small business owners at a competitive disadvantage. “President Obama will call on Congress to cut the corporate tax rate to 28  percent, and pay for it by eliminating some tax preferences for companies.  While this may appear like a good thing, it’s actually part of a larger pattern  of this president siding with giant, well-funded companies with DC lobbyists  instead of Main Street small employers. . . . According to IRS  data, 32 million businesses file tax returns every year.  Fewer than 2  million of them are corporations.  These businesses tend to be the largest  companies in the world.”

Bookstore owners aren’t buying the pretense that Obama’s for the little guy. “Obama’s Amazon Visit Rankles Mom-And-Pop Booksellers.”

A former DOJ attorney debunks the canard that the IRS scandal is “phony”: “Every story the Administration has told from the start of this investigation to explain what happened has fallen apart, beginning with the false claim that only some rogue agents in an IRS office in Ohio were responsible for this improper and potentially unlawful behavior. Despite the “phony” claims of President Obama, Jay Carney, and Jack Lew, Congress has an obligation to get to the bottom of this abuse of its authority by the IRS and make sure it does not happen again.”

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) blows the whistle on the hoax to defund Obamacare. “The CRS report notes that much of the administration’s implementation funding comes from the  Affordable Care Act (ACA) itself — not from the spending bills some  conservatives are threatening to defeat. . . . Coburn is among the Senate Republicans who have pushed back strongly against efforts to shut down the government unless a bill to keep it open defunds ObamaCare. ‘I’ve been here when we’ve done that, and it’s not a strategy that works,’  Coburn told The Washington Post. ‘This is misleading the conservative  base because it’s not achievable, and all it will do in the long run is dispirit  the base. This is a failed strategy for conservatives.'”

The conceit that we need big government to combat poverty is crumbling. “The odds of escaping poverty are nearly identical in liberal regions and conservative regions, at least according to this study, which some economists regard as the most comprehensive mobility analysis to date.”