UP: Sen. Marco Rubio’s immigration reform polling.

DOWN: Rubio’s shut-down-the-government stunt.

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie (Andrew Burton/Getty Images) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

UP: President Obama’s decision to nix the meeting with Vladimir Putin.

DOWN: Russian reset. (“President Obama tried to, quote, ‘reset’ relations with Russia — we reset and Russia didn’t.”)

UP: Skepticism about Secretary of State John Kerry’s ‘peace process’ fixation.

DOWN: Egyptian secular liberals. (“Egypt’s liberals are not flawed democrats. They are illiberal to begin with.”)

UP: Reince Priebus’s move to deny CNN and NBC debates if they insist on promoting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

DOWN: MSNBC’s pretense that it is a news channel.

UP: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

DOWN: Evidence that GOP hotheads are ready for prime time.

UP: Enough disgust, finally, with Anthony Weiner to end his career.

DOWN: Loyalty from campaign aides.

UP: Al-Qaeda is on the march.

DOWN: Al Qaeda is “decimated.”

UP: Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)

DOWN: President Obama’s polling.