Says the lady whose entire career is a canned routine. Sarah Palin (you already know this is going to be good, right?): “She added that [Gov. Chris Christie’s] confrontational reputation amounts to nothing more than a ‘shtick’ set up by his office. Christie is a ‘go-along-to-get-along’ type of politician who favors more government, she also said.” Thunk. (Hello — tax cuts? entitlement cuts? attacking the teacher’s union? Oh, why bother.)

(J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

Say, aren’t self-described conservatives supposed to be pro-jobs? “One of the top researchers on the effects of immigration on native workers’ wages has produced a new study that finds that an increase in low-skilled immigration pushes native workers into more complex jobs, raising their wages.”

Anti-immigrant activists say there aren’t jobs Americans won’t do. False: “Though the state keeps no official tally, the Maine Wild Blueberry Commission said the number of seasonal workers employed here has dropped nearly 80 percent in 15 years, to fewer than 1,000 last year. ‘There are people that say if we just paid more, Americans would do the work. But that’s a joke,’ said Ed Flanagan, president of Jasper Wyman & Son Inc., Maine’s second-largest blueberry grower. Flanagan says hard-working pickers make as much as $20 an hour here, almost three times Maine’s minimum wage of $7.50. . . . Despite that, the seasonal jobs, which offer a short period of intense physical labor, found few takers among area residents and were traditionally filled by migrants.”

They say broken clocks are right twice a day so these three can stumble upon a good idea now and then. “Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement the Department of Justice would change the way it prosecutes non-violent drug offenders was met with praise from a bipartisan pair of powerful senators.Kentucky Republican Rand Paul and Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy both came out in strong support of the government’s decision to not pursue ‘mandatory minimums’ for ‘low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large-scale organizations, gangs or cartels,’ as Holder said Monday. The pair had previously introduced a bill that would allow judges ‘flexibility’ around mandatory minimums when sentencing federal crimes.”

Still, saying this can be done by executive order reminds us of the string of imperial moves by this administration to cut out Congress. “Isn’t Mr. Holder’s announced plan just the latest of this administration’s many efforts to ignore the laws as they are written? If the laws need to be changed then by all means change them, but do not pretend they don’t exist or that you are not bound by them.”

He may be off base on guns and Big Gulp,s but New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says something smart on “stop and frisk”: “New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday said he would appeal a federal judge’s ruling that the police department’s ‘stop and frisk’ crime-fighting tactics violate constitutional rights. Bloomberg remained firm in his argument that the practice drove down the city’s crime rate, saying, ‘The possibility of being stopped acts as a vital deterrent.'”

Isn’t the justification for the Olympics that they transcend politics? Just sayin’. “Schumer: Nations should wave rainbow flags for gay rights at Russia Olympics.”