Déjà vu all over again. “Why is it that America’s roil family always seems better in abstract than in concrete? The closer it gets to running the world once more, the more you are reminded of all the things that bugged you the last time around. The Clintons’ neediness, their sense of what they are owed in material terms for their public service, their assumption that they’re entitled to everyone’s money.”

Secretary of State John Kerry gestures during a statement on the situation in Egypt. (Evan Vucci/Associated Press) Secretary of State John Kerry gives a statement on the situation in Egypt. (Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

Unhappy memories. “As the slaughter of antigovernment protesters in Egypt continues, a string of first-term State Department officials are now distancing themselves from President Obama’s policies and refuting his reluctance to cut off military aid to Egypt’s generals. . . . [Former] officials tell The Cable the anxiety over the absence of a coherent policy is well known.”

Remember all of President Obama’s inequality talk? It’s mostly bunk. “So high-end inequality is likely a) being mainly driven by market forces and b) not having an obvious impact on the economic well being of the American middle-class. And keep in mind inequality is only a 1% vs. 99% thing. As Northwestern University economist Robert Gordon has pointed out, there’s been ‘no increase of inequality after 1993 in the bottom 99 percent of the population, and the remaining increase of inequality can be entirely explained by the behavior of incomes in the top 1 percent.’ In other words, the core thesis of Obamanomics — the rich have immorally gaffed all the income gains of the past 30 years and its time to redistribute — doesn’t seem to hold up.”

Recall Jews are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mound. But a Hamas rally is hunky-dory. “Hundreds of Hamas supporters rallied on Friday at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound in protest against Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the army chief who ousted Egypt’s Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.” Notice “Al-Aqsa mosque compound?” Writing the Jews out of the Temple Mount is part of the Palestinian propaganda effort.

I can recollect the Obama crew boasting about “smart” diplomacy. “All of the efforts of the United States government, all the cajoling, the veiled threats, the high-level envoys from Washington and the 17 personal phone calls by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, failed to forestall the worst political bloodletting in modern Egyptian history. The generals in Cairo felt free to ignore the Americans first on the prisoner release and then on the statement, in a cold-eyed calculation that they would not pay a significant cost — a conclusion bolstered when President Obama responded by canceling a joint military exercise but not $1.5 billion in annual aid. The violent crackdown has left Mr. Obama in a no-win position: risk a partnership that has been the bedrock of Middle East peace for 35 years, or stand by while longtime allies try to hold on to power by mowing down opponents.”

Reminiscing about when professional spokesmen commanded respect at Foggy Bottom? No more. “Jake Tapper calls out State Department spokeswoman.”

Flashback: President Obama said “sanctions are working.” Not so much, actually: “Iran has installed 18,000 uranium-enrichment centrifuges, the country’s outgoing nuclear chief was quoted as saying by Iranian media on Saturday.”