Is he nuts or just cynical? “Ted Cruz ‘Not Convinced’ Obama Wouldn’t Defund Obamacare.”

Barack Obama President Obama (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

It is bizarre when Congress, and not the executive, has to lead on national security. Sen. Robert Corker (R-Tenn.): “And I think it’s time for us to take up–step up and take responsibilities here, too. My guess is they will. I’ve been talking with them recently this week. I think they will come back. I think they will ask Congress for authorization.”

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) finds it odd that the GOP should want to shut down the government. “I think that’s exactly what Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer want. And that’s what the Democrats want in the House because that will just show, ‘Oh here we go again! The Republicans holding everything up. You’re not going to get your paycheck. You’re not going to get your paycheck,’ so and then they’re going to throw it on us.”

President Obama’s peculiar brand of foreign policy has turned out just as conservative critics expected. “With the advantages of hindsight, it appears that the White House made five big miscalculations about the Middle East. It misread the political maturity and capability of the Islamist groups it supported; it misread the political
situation in Egypt; it misread the impact of its strategy on relations with
America’s two most important regional allies (Israel and Saudi Arabia); it
failed to grasp the new dynamics of terrorist movements in the region; and it
underestimated the costs of inaction in Syria.”

Strangely similar to what his critics say he should have done after the initial use of chemical weapons: “President Obama has called the use of chemical weapons a red line. He has ruled out putting boots on the ground, but we know that he’s considering a range of options, including and possibly limited airstrikes. So that is the situation right now from the White House, David, as we continue to monitor this breaking news.” If he had done this soone, more than 1,500 Syrians might not have been gassed.

Weird how he promised “smart” diplomacy. President Obama’s view of the world is the same as that of left-wing professors — wrong, uncomfortable with American power and blind to evidence that contradicts his ideology. “[T]he  perception of a president lacking in international influence extends beyond the Arab world, particularly to Russia. Since reassuming the presidency last year, Vladimir Putin has blocked U.S. efforts to seek action against Syria at the United Nations and has balked at Obama’s efforts to seek new agreements on arms control.” Read the whole thing.

Crazy isn’t it that we have Chuck Hagel at a time like this? Hear how a national security leader of a great power should sound: “William Hague last night warned that the horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria was ‘not something that a humane and  civilized world can ignore’. The [British] Foreign Secretary refused to rule out any  response to Wednesday’s atrocity in Damascus. And he laid the blame for the attack – which  is reported to have killed up to 1,700 people – squarely at the door of tyrant  Bashar al-Assad.”