Ready. “Israeli commentators warned last night of a devastating Israeli blow against Syria should it carry out threats being voiced in Damascus to retaliate against Israel for any American strike on Syrian territory.”

John Kerry Secretary of State John Kerry (Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

Prepare for some “war on women” retribution. “Behind the roiling conversation over whether President Obama might make Janet L. Yellen the first female leader of the Federal Reserve is an uncomfortable reality for the White House: the administration has named no more women to high-level executive branch posts than the Clinton administration did almost two decades ago.”

Position himself as the embodiment of ideological purity? He can’t even bring himself to support his senior senator. “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) on Friday declined to back fellow Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn’s bid for reelection in 2014, saying that he will probably steer clear of all races in which incumbents face primary challengers.”

Line up around the block now to skewer Hillary Clinton — it’ll be a long queue. “I am not aware of a single time in which the State Department or senior U.S. government officials have acknowledged error and conducted a similar lessons-learned exercise to identify where they went wrong. Let’s hope that, if they ever start, they consider how the Syrian regime pulled the wool over their eyes. Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad may have spent some time in the West, but just because Islamists and autocrats spend time in the West does not mean that they acquire Western values; instead, they learn only how to speak to Westerners and cultivate useful idiots.”

Buckle up for a bumpy fall. “The Treasury Department told Congress on Monday it must raise the $16.7 trillion national debt limit by mid-October.”

Anticipate an underwhelming response from the administration. “[I]t is hard to see how limited military action would do anything to address the third, and most important, U.S. interest related to Syria’s chemical weapons: ensuring that the arsenals do not end up in the hands of terrorists.” Read the whole thing.

Put together your economic game plan. The outlook is shaky: “Orders for long-lasting manufactured goods tumbled in July as demand for aircraft reversed and business spending weakened, sparking concerns about slower-than-expected growth in the third quarter. Total orders for durable goods — big-ticket items such as cars, furniture and appliances built to last three years or more — fell 7.3% in July from the prior month to a seasonally adjusted $226.6 billion, the Commerce Department said Monday. Economists had forecast a 4% drop.” Yikes.