Jay Carney- (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Jay Carney- (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Now that the White House has come around to the view of those dreaded neoconservatives that Bashar al-Assad is a very bad and dangerous man to whom we must respond seriously and militarily, it would be swell if the press corps would hold the president accountable for the dreadful policy that brought us to this point with Syria. Here’s some queries they might try out:

Was it a mistake to ever call Bashar al-Assad a “reformer”?

Did the jihadi flood into Syria increase over the last two years and if so would it have been better to aid the rebels earlier?

Should we have reacted as we are now when Assad first used chemical weapons? Could we have spared mass casualties?

Secretary of State John Kerry calls use of chemical weapons a “moral obscenity.” Was the killing of 100,000 civilians by traditional weapons not a “moral obscenity”?

The president said a “decade of war” was ending, but he has felt obliged to intervene in Libya and now possibly Syria. Does he acknowledge he was wrong?

We have seen mass atrocities and the use of chemical weapons not seen for decades. Does the president think his Middle East policies were effective ?

How many Egyptians should be allowed to die before that becomes a “moral obscenity”?

What is our policy in Syria and what are we doing to effectuate it?

What is our policy in Egypt and what are we doing to effectuate it?

The Egyptian people are displaying extreme anti-Americanism. Was it wrong to side with Mohammed Morsi so closely and then to refuse to cut aid to the military junta.? Could we have given the impression we support whatever strong man is in power?

In light of the situation in Syria and in Egypt, the spread of al-Qaeda in North Africa, the ongoing nuclear weapons program in Iran and the recent conduct of Russia do you regret proposing and signing the military sequester?

Kerry has insisted the “peace process” is critical to solving the Middle East’s problems. If the Palestinians had their own state would Iran stop building its bomb? Would Egypt be a stable democracy? Would Assad not have used chemical weapons?