So much for the second term. “Beyond the Middle East, a failure to back up the president’s threats regarding the “red line” will be read–correctly, I fear–as proof that America is retreating from its global responsibilities, a development which will dismay allies from Taiwan to Poland, gladden rivals such as China and Russia, and cause American influence to plummet. On the home front, meanwhile, Obama will be seen as a lame-duck president with the defeat shadowing his entire second term.”

Secretary of State John Kerry gestures during a statement on the situation in Egypt. (Evan Vucci/Associated Press) Secretary of State John Kerry  (Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

So much for immigration reform. “Now, with members of Congress set to take up the unexpected matter of whether to launch a military strike against Syria when they return on Monday, the  likelihood that an immigration measure will pass this year seems remote, some  experts said.”

So much for J Street. “The liberal Middle East lobbying group J Street says that it will not take a stand on the Syria debate, leading congressional insiders to question the group’s credibility and seriousness.” Actually, the group was irrelevant a long time ago.

So much for “smart diplomacy”: “President Obama finds himself in the biggest and ugliest public mess of his career, with a total policy meltdown playing out on the front pages and cable TV studios of the world. It is like a slow motion Bay of Pigs, unrolling at an agonizing, prestige wrecking pace from day to day and week to week. It is almost impossible to defend whatever policy he actually has in mind at this point, yet the consequences of a congressional vote that opposes him are grave.”

So much for her bona fides with the left. “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the first time on Monday publicly voiced her support for President Obama’s proposed strike against Syria. Clinton said she met with the president earlier in the day, and in her speech  at a Wildlife Trafficking Forum used terms the White House has been using in its attempt to galvanize support for a military strike.” Hillaryland must be experiencing deja vu.

So much for the PR blitz. “Sen. John McCain was not a fan of Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks Monday in London that intervention in Syria would be ‘unbelievably small,’  calling it unhelpful. ‘Kerry says #Syria strike would be unbelievably small – that is  unbelievably unhelpful,’ McCain (R-Ariz.) tweeted Monday.”

So much for restraining Israel. Dennis Ross: “Israel will feel that it has no reason to wait, no reason to give diplomacy a chance and no reason to believe that the United States will take care of the problem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees Iran with nuclear weapons as an existential threat and, in his eyes, he must not allow there to be a second Holocaust against the Jewish people. As long as he believes that President Obama is determined to deal with the Iranian threat, he can justify deferring to us. That will soon end if opponents get their way on Syria.” Actually, the Israelis, after Obama’s dithering, won’t likely wait for the United States even if Obama acts on Syria.