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Opinion Here’s a resolution for you

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Republicans and Democrats are being put on hold once again in Congress, but they shouldn’t wait for President Obama and Vladimir Putin to come up with a phony scheme that allows Bashar al-Assad to remain in power with no consequences for use of WMDs and no ability to verify their destruction. A resolution is needed, but a different one than Obama had in mind. Something along these lines:

WHEREAS the United States has vital national security concerns at stake in the Middle East;

WHEREAS those vital national interests include preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and sponsoring terrorism;

WHEREAS the United States cannot protect those interests or the interests of allies including Israel by disengaging from the region;

WHEREAS Iranian forces and Hezbollah surrogates are in Syria defending Bashar al-Assad’s regime;

WHEREAS Russia has armed the Assad regime;

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WHEREAS Russia has continued to provide assistance both economic and military to the government of Iran;

WHEREAS the Assad regime has used chemical weapons on its own people multiple times;

WHERAS the Assad regime has killed over 100,000 people;

WHERAS the Assad regime’s mass murder has prompted millions of refugees to flee Syria, which creates a risk of destabilizing U.S. allies;

WHEREAS Russia itself is not in compliance with its arms-control or chemical weapons obligations; and

WHEREAS the United States must not allow users of WMDs to escape the consequences of their actions or to disarm at their leisure.

THEREFORE be it resolved:

1. The president of the United States shall be authorized to use all necessary force against Iran in the event it does not halt all enrichment and allow complete access to all facilities to verify the discontinuation and destruction of its nuclear weapons facilities;

2. It shall be the policy of the United States to support free peoples in Iran seeking to change the regime and obtain essential human rights and a normalized relationship with the West;

3. It shall be the policy of the United States to aid and assist Syrians, including
the Syrian Free Army, seeking to live in peace with their neighbors and respecting the individual rights of the Syrian people so as to prevent a victory by the Assad regime and/or al-Qaeda forces;

3. Russia is an inappropriate party to negotiate on behalf of or verify the compliance of WMD disarmament by its ally Syria or by the government of Iran; and

4. The president shall be authorized to use all means necessary to achieve the president’s stated purposes, to wit, enforcing sufficient consequences for use of WMDs, preventing the risk of future use by the Assad regime or Hezbollah and degrading the Assad regime’s ability to use, deliver and command the use of WMDs.

Now, that’s a resolution we can endorse.