Kerry makes the case for action in Syria Secretary of State John F. Kerry (Alastair Grant/Associated Press)

Flashback. “What has made some Democrats wince is the portrait that emerges of a [Hillary] Clinton campaign in which decisions did not stick, campaign leaders operated without clear lines of authority and there were endless avenues for end runs, second guessing and freelancing.”

Like old times (e.g. North Korea, the Soviet Union). President Obama cuts a sucker’s deal with a despot on WMD’s. (Remember North Korea?) “Senior U.S. officials in Washington have said they do not expect the U.N.  resolution [on Syria] will ultimately include the threat of military force, [considering] how  Russia has repeatedly blocked such language at the U.N. Meanwhile, sensing perhaps that the threat of a U.S. strike is no longer  imminent, Assad is publicly trying to strengthen his hand. In an interview with  Russian television, he not only demanded the U.S. drop the threat of military  action — he also said the Obama administration must stop arming the  opposition.”

Some of us have memories of when they were interventionists. “With the conservative wing of the party now largely unified in opposition to  military action, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are singing a  different tune from just months ago, when both seemed to advocate a more  muscular U.S. response to Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

Few political observers have any recollection of anything close to this. “Inexperience and incomprehension of the perils of wartime aren’t Obama’s only problems. The biggest one: As commander in chief, he is faced with using military force in wars he basically opposes.” Read the whole thing.

I’m sure the Obama team must reminisce about years gone by when the left adored “the One.” The reality of Obama has always been less than the billing. “Left revokes President Obama’s liberal card.”

Remember, war crimes aren’t limited to use of weapons of mass destruction. “Syrian government forces are systematically attacking hospitals and medical staff members and denying treatment to the sick and wounded from areas controlled or affiliated with the opposition, United Nations investigators said Friday in a new report that also detailed the use of hospitals as torture centers by military intelligence agencies.”

Deja vu. Another economic appointee, another boost for a high-flying financial operator. Joining characters like Jack Lew is Jeff Zients, named to head the National Economic Council: “Jeff Zients, who had his own private equity firm and who ran two private consulting groups (Advisory Board Co. and Corporate Executive Board) joined the Office of Management and Budget in 2009 as the White House’s first chief performance officer, charged with making the federal government more efficient.”