Cuccinelli Ken Cuccinelli (Steve Helber/Associated Press)

UP: Vladimir Putin.

DOWN:  President Obama.

UP: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R).

DOWN: Ken Cuccinelli.

UP: Impunity for user of weapons of mass destruction.

DOWN: Red lines.

UP: Chances Israel will have to strike unilaterally against Iran.

DOWN: American influence in the Middle East.

UP: Al-Qaeda in Syria and elsewhere.

DOWN: Free Syrian Army.

UP: Hostility between Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Christian evangelicals.

DOWN: Ticket prices to hear Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.)

UP: Distrust of government. (“Americans’ trust and confidence in the federal government’s ability to solve problems internationally as well as domestically has fallen to historic lows this year.”)

DOWN: Popular support for shutting down the government.

UP: Conservative pushback to politicization of Heritage. (“They’ve really turned into bullies”).

DOWN: Respect for Heritage as a think tank. (“When the board chose DeMint, that was an affirmation of whether the advocacy or policy side was to be favored.”)