President Obama (Jason Reed/Reuters) President Obama (Jason Reed/Reuters)

The left won’t be content until they get her. “Progressive groups will push for Janet Yellen at Fed.” It’s not enough, it seems, to sink Larry Summers.

Liberal pundits are no longer sanguine about the White House excuses. “Style points? Seriously? Style points? That’s what President Obama thinks the criticism of his zigzag Syria policy amounts to? As presidential spin, this is insulting. As presidential conviction — if this is what he really believes — it’s scary.”

More conservatives sound like they’d welcome the shutdown squad’s disappearance. “The backbenchers are heading into another box canyon now. Mr. Boehner is undermined because the other side knows he lacks 218 GOP votes, which empowers House and Senate Democrats. They want to reverse the modest spending discipline of the sequester, and if the House GOP can’t hold together on the CR they will succeed. . . . We’ve often supported backbenchers who want to push GOP leaders in a better policy direction, most recently on the farm bill. But it’s something else entirely to sabotage any plan with a chance of succeeding and pretend to have ‘leverage’ that exists only in the world of townhall applause lines and fundraising letters.”

They sound quite pleased with themselves after President Obama’s flop on Syria. “Senior Iranian officials dismissed on Monday President Barack Obama’s claim that he is still prepared to take military action against Tehran’s disputed nuclear program.” It’s almost like they perceive America as weak.

The White House press secretary would have us believe that Americans were satisfied with the president’s herky-jerky performance on Syria. Let’s get real: “Taking in new information is fine; pursuing a policy characterized by head-snapping shifts, ambivalence, ineptness, and bipolarity is not.” Read the whole thing.

The rightwing suicide squad however won’t be mollified with anything less than a blow-up of epic proportions. “While essentially every poll taken over the past three-and-a-half years has shown that Americans want to see Obamacare repealed, they don’t want to see it defunded. Rather, polls show that Americans oppose defunding Obamacare by large margins—ranging from about 20 to 30 percentage points.”

I suspect many Americans would be unperturbed. “Enrollment of first-year students at the nation’s law schools has been falling steadily since 2010 — hitting a 10-year low of 44,481 for the 2012-13 school year — as the shrinking availability of law firm jobs chips away at demand for a legal education.”

Unfortunately, one takes it as a given that the president would be accepting of any delay that put off pressure for U.S. action — for at least the balance of his term. “Secretary of State John Kerry and the foreign ministers of France and Britain said on Monday that they would not tolerate delays in dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons and would press ahead with a strong resolution in the United Nations Security Council to enforce the disarmament plan.” Oh my, a strong resolution!

We can be thankful for small favors. “The White House pushed back on a report from Sunday that President Obama had tentative plans to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly, saying that the president had no plans for such a meeting.” Iran has done nothing to earn such a PR bonanza.

How do the White House spinners manage to insist we should be happy with the recent turn of events? “What struck me about the comment was the gulf between Obama’s matter-of-fact minimizing of the relative significance of chemical weapons in Syria and his rhetoric about those weapons not even a week earlier. . . . So it is a crime against humanity — but a far smaller issue for America than Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and apparently not all that close ‘to our core interests.’ No wonder even the president’s supporters in Congress are perplexed.”