President Obama (Jason Reed/Reuters) President Obama (Jason Reed/Reuters)

While the Senate food fight goes on, “One week away, Obamacare’s small business insurance exchanges not all ready for launch.”

While the administration haggles over Syria, “North Korean scientists have learned to produce crucial components of gas centrifuges inside their isolated country, undermining years of export controls and sanctions intended to stop the country’s enrichment of uranium for nuclear weapons, according to an analysis by two American arms control experts made available on Monday.” It’s almost like these rogue regimes don’t pay attention to paper agreements.

While some get nostalgic for former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. we are reminded he was nothing to cheer about. On the Mubarak tape, Elliott Abrams observes that “it is striking that he cannot distinguish between American efforts to push him toward reform and American efforts to remove him. That unwillingness to countenance reform, to permit liberal or secular or democratic parties to grow, left the Muslim Brotherhood as the only alternative to military rule when Mubarak left power after 30 years. That is his legacy to his people. The second theme is his anti-Semitism.”

While we despair about political leadership, even non-Catholics can admire Pope Francis. “The former archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio, did not change Catholic Church doctrine. But six months into his papacy, through his words and his actions, he has changed its emphasis and tone.” Read the whole thing.

While some find sympathy with the human rights advocate’s conundrum in the Obama administration, it’s not like Samantha Power signed up for an administration whose refusal to act in defense of human rights was a secret. Now on Syria, she must try to broker an agreement which “exactly the kind of response the old Samantha Power found wanting in her previous life as a human rights champion.” For one thing, it assumes the mass murderer stays in power.

While Iran continues to defy international sanctions or to signal any seriousness about giving up its nuclear weapons program, Secretary of State John Kerry agrees to meet the Iranian foreign minister at the United Nations. “That meeting with Iran’s new Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif will involve US Secretary of State John Kerry, which is highly unusual given that the United States has not maintained diplomatic relations with Iran since 1980.” It could be worse; President Obama could be meeting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

While Obama gets razzed for playing too much golf, President George W. Bush says, “I think it’s good for the president to be out playing golf.” I think he meant for Obama; but I take it as a win-win for him and the country.