The Virginia gubernatorial race really is this bad.

Terry McAuliffe ( Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. (Maddie Meyer/The Washington Post)

There really is a difference between a “priority” and a “price tag.”

Obamacare really is a bust. “Health insurance under Obamacare will cost individuals at least $2,988 a year on average, a price that Republican opponents may target as out-of-reach for many Americans who don’t qualify for U.S. subsidies. While the $249 monthly payment is intended to be discounted through tax credits, less than half of people now buying insurance on their own may get that help.” It’s a shame Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) turned the discussion to shutting down the government.

There really is a salutary effect to Cruz’s talk-a-thon. Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) would like the GOP to disown Cruz: “I think Senator Cruz is a libertarian and I think that he has views that represent maybe 12, 13 percent of our country, but certainly not mainstream America, especially independents that don’t consider themselves Republican or Democrat. . . .What does governing mean? It means sitting down rationally, pragmatically and making a deal that makes this country a better place to live, and that’s not happening  as long as we have Senator Cruz railing the way he is.” But there are so many callers on talk radio that agree with Cruz!

There really is one constant in Cruz’s rhetoric — impugning Republicans. (Just like President Obama!) “The Kentucky Libertarian’s anti-drone filibuster united most of his GOP colleagues, earned him kudos from several Democrats, and turned him into the leader of a national conversation about an issue that defies partisanship. Cruz’s protest, meanwhile, has mainly served to highlight divisions within the Republican Party over strategy and amplified grumbles from his peers who think he’s all about self-promotion. . . . Cruz spent a significant chunk of his speech taking his Republican colleagues to task for what he considers their squishy opposition to Obamacare. At one point he even appeared to compare them to Nazi appeasers.”

And that really is no way to become president. “Cruz may also have badly damaged a potential 2016 presidential bid by infuriating party elders and many in the GOP’s donor class, with his charge that  those who didn’t agree with his tactics were abandoning conservative ideology.” And then, of course, there are the legions of Republicans who never wanted a shutdown.

It really is a mistake to run foreign policy by transitory public opinion. “With his mishandling of Syria, Obama appears to have thrown away, at least for now, the foreign-policy advantage he had wrested away from Republicans largely with the SEAL raid to kill Osama bin Laden. . . .What the public perceives–the same thing that much of the world perceives–is that Obama is weak and vacillating, deliberative but indecisive.”