Who said it?

1. “We expected a charm offensive. We readied ourselves for a possible diplomatic breakthrough. But we were left underwhelmed.”

2. “I think there will be additions that I have found in the Senate, that Senate Democrats say they can support.”

3. “So as a tactical matter, Republicans against Cruz or on the other side of him are saying, this is crazy, you are creating an intraparty fight, a civil war among Republicans when we should be aligned in fighting the president on these budget issues; you are wasting time for something in the end that we will not be able to do its stated purpose. And that time wasting is also part of what made some Republicans so upset this week.”

4. “I want to see where Mary Landrieu votes on this or Mark Pryor or Begich or Kay Hagan and other people. I want to see if they really think – based upon the mail that they’re getting from their constituents, which is no different than ours – that they think Obamacare is ready for prime time and they’re ready to vote to make this thing go live in a couple of days and face the consequences with their constituents for having made that decision.”

5. “You’ve made all these arguments. My goodness, you went and spoke for 21 hours to make these arguments. You haven’t moved anyone.”

Answers are: 1. Here, 2. here, 3. here, 4. here and 5. here.