The irony is that to “succeed,” the shutdown advocates needed House leadership to stop the shutdown, alleviating them of responsibility and giving them their traditional “Betrayal!” rallying call. Now a number of premises that were the basis of this and other similar legislative stunts are eviscerated.

The shutdown squad said Democrats would blink. They didn’t.

The conservative media assured its audience the shutdown would not overshadow the Obamacare rollout glitches. So far, the coverage ratio is about 80-20 percent in favor of the shutdown.

The shutdown squad said public opposition to Obamacare would tip support in favor of the shutdown. Polls suggest this hasn’t happened.

The shutdown advocates said the problem was Republicans. It never was; Democrats were the ones who refused to budge, a point Republicans are arguing today.

Conservative media said the faux filibuster by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) was a grand moment, eloquent and effective. In fact, it changed nothing, serving only as part of the historical record of right-wing folly.

Third-party groups argued the “squishy” Republicans would pay a price. To the contrary, they look like the grownups.

Cruz fans said this would vault him into front-runner status in 2016. That is a dubious proposition, at best.

Now the same voices who got the GOP into this corner lack any advice for how to get out of it. That’s a good thing; Republicans have heard quite enough from this crowd for a while.