Ted Cruz Sen. Ted Cruz (Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA)

Rocky beginning. “Technical glitches stalled Tuesday’s launch of new insurance exchanges at the heart of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law, a slow start that could fuel the political debate over providing millions of uninsured Americans with coverage.”

Off to a bumpy start. “Uninsured Americans around the country showed up at health centers and logged onto government Web sites Tuesday morning in hopes of being among the first to sign up for coverage under the president’s health-care law, but many ran into technical glitches that prevented them from enrolling.”

Choppy waters for the shutdown squad, who drove the House over the cliff. “Elections matter, and Republicans did not do enough to win the last one. They should therefore do what they can (on health care and their other priorities) with the power and leverage they have and should work to do better in forthcoming elections – and they should be sure that their uses of what power and leverage they have do not undermine their chances of doing better in those forthcoming elections.” Read the whole thing.

Shaky times for rational Republicans. “Repeatedly running into a brick wall doesn’t prove your conservative mettle. But learning  how to go around that wall to achieve your goals makes you strategic and much  more likely to be successful. . . . Now we have some conservatives hell-bent on the decline of the  greater conservative cause as they Twerk towards Gomarrah in a futile attempt  to prove they are the true believers.”

Blustery rhetoric doesn’t make for a cohesive political strategy. “Cracks emerge in House GOP on shutdown strategy.”

Topsy-turvy politics. “The House readied votes on a trio of bills that would fund the operation of most national parks, the D.C. city government and the Veterans Affairs department’s efforts to clear a backlog of claims. But Democrats rejected the plan, holding to their demand that Republicans relent and pass the six-week extension of government spending sent to them by the Senate.”

Stormy seas for D.C. Republicans but clear sailing in the states. “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is out with a new campaign ad Tuesday that provides a not-so-subtle contrast to the way things are in Washington. ‘Everything we’ve done has been a bipartisan accomplishment. It’s my job to make sure that that compromise happens. You see, as long as you stick to your principles, compromise isn’t a dirty word.'” How novel.