Is he the biggest political ally you can have? “I tell children all the time, you might not like your situation, but only you can change your situation through hard work and dedication.”

Jay Carney- (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Jay Carney. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)

This might be the smartest idea yet. “Senate Republicans are unhappy with a House GOP plan to raise the debt ceiling for six weeks without funding the federal government. They are coalescing around their own proposal to pair a short-term debt-ceiling increase with a year-long stopgap to fund the government.”

The media were the testiest they’ve been since the IRS scandal. The White House press corps can’t figure out what Jay Carney is saying. “White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was repeatedly asked Thursday what he meant by saying President Obama would not ‘pay a ransom for Congress to do its job’ while discussing the possibility of signing a short-term raising of the debt limit without a clean continuing resolution. Carney’s metaphors frustrated National Public Radio correspondent Ari Shapiro and the rest of the press corps to the point that Shapiro asked him to clarify what he exactly was saying so they could report accurately.”

It was Carney’s toughest day in a while, certainly. “Carney and Jonathan Karl Square Off Again: ‘That’s a Very Long Answer to a Short Question.’ ”

Does this administration have the dumbest foreign policy ever? Yes, I think Jimmy Carter can breathe easier. “Context matters in international affairs, as in other areas. That’s why, although I understand why he acted as he did, I’m troubled by the impact of President Obama’s decision to cut off some military aid to Egypt. . . . But by waiting and dithering for three months, his decision is harder to explain or defend because it is happening in the context of other U.S. actions that are alienating all of our traditional allies in the Middle East.”

The weirdest contrast is between how he treats foreign enemies and domestic opponents. “It is Obama who has decided so far to reject the myriad offers from Republicans and live with the consequences of the government shutdown and default risk. And it is Obama who will have to decide whether the ‘best’ offer from Iranians on the nuclear issue is good enough for him to accept. In both cases, then, it will be Obama who will have the last move, and thus it will be Obama who will determine the outcome.”

The friendliest states for business are mostly out West. Oh, and there is one other thing. “In fact, six of the top 10 states with the best business climate are western states, bolstered at least in part by new revenues from energy production that allows them to reduce other types of taxes. In many cases, the top-ranked states omit at least one major stream of revenue altogether, such as an income tax or a sales tax. . . . Expect the Republican Governors Association to celebrate the rankings: Seven of the top 10 states are run by Republican governors, while seven of the bottom 10 states are run by Democrats.” Imagine that.