U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The con is on. “Iranian leaders probably are entering these negotiations for one reason: to test Barack Obama’s mettle. They want to see whether Tehran can have the bomb and sanctions relief. The strategy for doing so isn’t complicated. The regime could suspend work at the Arak heavy-water facility, the regime’s plutonium path to a bomb, and stop enriching uranium to 20 percent, the big step in processing it to weapons-grade. But without a verifiable end to centrifuge production, the regime could continue to manufacture centrifuges, shrinking the time required to convert unprocessed uranium to bomb-grade stock. With enough advanced centrifuges, a 20 percent stockpile becomes operationally much less relevant given the increased speed of processing.”

The swindle has never been more evident. “The concerns about the approach used by Senator Cruz were several-fold: (a) it was misleading (there was no chance the Affordable Care Act would be defunded); (b) it was irresponsible (Senators Cruz, Rubio and Lee accused conservatives who disagreed with the Cruz approach as being de facto supporters of the Affordable Care Act); and (c) it chose to fight the president on the weakest available ground (as unpopular as ObamaCare is, the defunding idea was never popular with the public). It also deflected attention away from the disastrous rollout of the ObamaCare exchanges and blew to pieces a far more plausible strategy, which was to focus on delaying for a year implementation of the individual mandate (which has widespread popular support).”

The fraud that is the Nobel Peace prize is still quite stunning. “Is it safer for the Nobel Committee to ignore the reality of radical Islamist violence than to risk putting a spotlight on it? Is it more comfortable to brush off Malala Yousafzai’s story as an unfortunate but isolated incident in some remote village? Or is it simply politically incorrect to applaud her? Malala has, indeed, put a face on the threat of terrorism, on the absence of women’s rights in radical Muslim countries, on the bloodthirsty mindset of those who hate western ideas – such as education – and on the indomitable courage of a real, modern-day heroes.” It is not that she is undeserving; it is the Western European elites who are.

Yes, Jim DeMint and others have quite a racket going on. Take money, promise to promote conservatives and then undermine the conservative party. “At the Values Voter Summit, no one is worried about polls showing their anti-Obamacare crusade doing damage to the GOP’s image. ‘I consider myself more of a conservative than … a straight Republican.'” A reality-based movement would understand the GOP is the only vehicle to obtain their aims — unless money is the primary object here.

Speaking of scams, the executive director of Heritage Actions would have us believe that his attack PAC hasn’t buried the once-admirable conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation. “Several sources I have interviewed inside and outside of Heritage have complained of late that Mr. Needham’s $7 million lobbying shop has become the tail that wags the $75 million think tank. ‘I hope that’s not true,’ he responds. He says Heritage Action amplifies the message of Heritage scholars. These pages have disagreed with the shutdown strategy, though certainly not the goal to end ObamaCare, so I press him on whether this high-risk strategy has really been worth it. Here he becomes slightly defensive.” As well he should, given what has occurred.

The trick was in convincing us they knew what they were doing. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) nails it: “You can blame us [Republicans], we’ve overplayed our hand, that’s for damn sure. But their response, where the president and [Senate  Majority Leader Harry Reid] basically shutting everybody out, and when you try  to negotiate, they keep changing the terms of the deal … it’s very frustrating.”

Anderson Cooper thinks we are being duped. “Anderson Cooper Doesn’t Buy That the Obama Admin Can’t Release Obamacare Data.” At this point the safe bet is against honesty.