President Obama (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press) President Obama (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

Everyone loses. “Obama’s numbers for handing budget negotiations are once again clearly negative, with 42 percent now approving and 53 percent disapproving.” Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has managed to lose the GOP base; only 49 percent approve of the GOP’s handling of the shutdown.

Another losing proposition. “We would all welcome a genuine agreement that ensured Iran would never be a threat to our security. But at such an extraordinarily important moment, it is vital that both the British and the American governments remain clear-eyed about the nature of that regime and its nuclear ambitions.”

When you lose Robert Gibbs you know it’s bad. “This is excruciatingly embarrassing for the White House and for the Department of Health and Human Services. This was bungled badly. This was not a server problem, like just too many people came to the website. This is a website architecture problem. Again, it’s excruciatingly embarrassing.”

He may not lose the race, but Cory Booker sure has lost a lot of luster. “Concerns about Cory Booker’s intentions to serve New Jersey continue to persist and his favorability ratings continue to drop.” Unfortunately his opponent Republican Steve Lonegan is far too conservative for New Jersey.

“Our loss is France’s gain. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has been “talking about a possible military engagement against Iran in a more forceful  manner than anything summoned so far by the U.S. president. Mr. Fabius was not advocating a strike, volunteering eventual French participation, or indulging in  simple Obama-bashing. But he was expressing a kind of French contempt for the U.S. administration’s evasive vocabulary about the Iran endgame.”

We are losing one of the few competent top nationals security figures left. “The news that Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter is stepping down is unwelcome for those of us who are concerned about the health of civil-military relations in Barack Obama’s administration. No one is indispensable, but Carter has earned an unusual amount of respect on both sides of the partisan aisle and across the uniformed divide.” Read the whole thing.

While some Republicans are losing a grip on reality, some are showing themselves to be exemplars of conservatism. “Some conservative activists are angry at U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte for not playing Sancho Panza to Sen. Ted Cruz’s Don Quixote They should ask themselves: At what point did one become a RINO simply by living in the real world? . . . There is nothing heroic about foolishly leading your side to a foreseeable defeat. Ayotte deserves not scorn, but appreciation for trying to save the GOP from a disastrous scheme. It took guts for her to take on Cruz when so many others stayed silent out of fear. That does not make her a squish. It makes her a leader and an asset.”

The blunder was in losing a political opportunity to accomplish something meaningful. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.): “Let’s just spell out what’s happened: We’ve basically blown the last two months with some of our members and a lot of the House focused on a shiny object that was never going to happen.”