Right-wing delusion. “They seem to be impervious to evidence — even overwhelming evidence — that contradicts what they believe. And so they have convinced themselves that the disaster engineered by a significant group of House Republicans, following the lead of Ted Cruz & Company, was a success. Is what we’re seeing simply ludicrous spin, or something else that goes deeper? Is it a species of delusion that is rooted in epistemic closure? Neither explanation is good, but the latter is, from the perspective of one who deeply cares about conservatism, much more worrisome. And I suspect that it is, unfortunately, a good deal closer to the truth.”

(J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

The anti-immigration reform gang has a fantasy that the public is against reform. Not so. “Oklahomans overwhelmingly support the main provisions of the Senate-passed immigration reform bill — tighter border security and a 10-year path to citizenship — according to a poll conducted for a business group pushing the issue in Congress.”

“Progress” in Iran nuclear talks is a mirage. “The latest round of nuclear negotiations between world leaders and Iran this week are not likely to lead to a comprehensive deal, according to President Obama’s former ‘WMD Czar.’ ‘I have to say, the indications don’t appear very promising that some kind of a comprehensive agreement can be reached, because the Iranians, so far anyway, are just not offering the kinds of concessions that the U.S. is going to demand,’ said United Against Nuclear Iran’s Gary Samore, who served as White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) until earlier this year.”

Honestly, Constitutional hallucinations aren’t what the GOP needs right now. “[T]o make the righting of the ship of state ride on 11 constitutional amendments  is to indulge in utopianism. There is little chance of assembling the super- and  super-super majorities needed to pass even one of the amendments [Mark] Levin puts  forward, let alone several or all. The bad blood among the political elites  flows too forcefully, the differences of opinion between left and right loom too  large — and the resistance to dramatic change shared by ordinary people on both  the left and the right runs too deep.” It’s hard to believe someone could think otherwise, although it’s a good way to sell books.

If they could get over the dream of defunding Obamacare, Republicans could see the opportunity to sink Obamacare for good. “The upshot has been a beleaguered business community up in arms about the burdens of the law, a one-year delay in the employer mandate, and endless fodder for anecdotes about jobs cut, expansions nixed, and health benefits dropped. That’s just one example of how implacable GOP hostility toward Obamacare, and ironclad resistance to making it work better, is producing political dividends for Republicans. And there’s more where that came from, if they can manage to shift the focus from their own dysfunction to the health care launch from hell.”

Israel can’t afford to operate in the world of make-believe. Israel’s new ambassador to the United State Ron Dermer: “Israel would welcome a diplomatic solution that truly dismantles Iran’s nuclear weapons program and prevents Iran from achieving breakout nuclear capability in the future.  Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Iran is interested in such a solution.  Iran is entering these negotiations with one clear goal:  To remove the sanctions that threaten to cripple the Iranian economy and which have put enormous pressure on the Iranian regime.  The strategy Iran is using to achieve that goal is also clear.  Offer cosmetic concessions to the international community that leaves Iran’s nuclear weapons program essentially intact.  In exchange, get sanctions relief that will reverse the tide of economic pressure against Iran.”

When you cut out the smoke and mirrors it amounts to a total defeat. “Sen. Ted Cruz came up empty-handed Wednesday in his battle to gut the Affordable Care Act, saying that he wouldn’t stand in the way of a Senate budget deal that includes none of the major changes to the health-care law that conservatives were seeking. Mr. Cruz’s high-profile fight against the law known as Obamacare kicked off last month with a headline-grabbing 21-hour speech, and on Wednesday, it appeared likely to end — at least for the moment — with a political defeat for the Texas Republican.”