Democrats’ Iraq war? Well, it’s denying reality, at the very least. “I admire the way that fearless liberals have come out to criticize the rollout of the exchanges — much more quickly and completely than supporters of the Iraq war managed, I’m afraid. (Though of course, in fairness, the malfunctioning exchanges are right here where everyone can see them, not thousands of miles away.) But as with Iraq, I fear that the bitterness of the debate in the run-up is making the administration and many of its supporters discount too deeply the valid criticism coming from the opposition.”

President Obama speaks by telephone with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.<br />(Pete Souza for the White House via Agence France-Press) President Obama speaks by telephone with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
(Pete Souza for the White House via Agence France-Press)

Delaying sanctions? Forget about it. “Illinois Senator Mark Kirk criticized the Senate for postponing a new round of Iran sanctions, saying on Wednesday the move would aid in a ‘European appeasement policy.’ ” Actually, it’s the administration’s appeasement policy. Debunking the left’s talking point that this is all about Israel, Cliff May writes: “The Saudis have a point. Those words do not flow easily from my pen. For more than three decades, the Arabian royals have spent billions of petro-dollars promoting Wahhabism, a poisonously anti-Western interpretation of Islam, of which the most lethal expression is bin Ladenism. But now the Saudis are angry with the Obama administration. The reasons include ‘inaction over Syria’s civil war as well as recent U.S. overtures to Iran.’ ”

It’s debatable whether 3 1/2 more years will be enough. “Federal health officials said Thursday that three-and-a-half years was not enough time to assemble and fully test ObamaCare’s online enrollment portal.” Maybe it’s time to start small, you know, walk before we run (or fall on our faces).

Defending President Obama is hard these days, even for someone who thinks everything that goes wrong in Washington is the GOP’s fault. “To be sure, every major rollout of a new or changed social policy, including Medicare itself, is rough and takes weeks or months to resolve. But this rollout is clearly worse, and, as we learn more about its history over the past six months and more, the failures in vision and execution, in the face of clear and blunt warnings of problems ahead, are striking and troubling. . . . It was the remarkable lack of concern with managing the government, seeing the effective implementation of the laws as important as their passage, that is the key here. And the buck starts and stops with the president.”

Decrying the Web site only goes to part of the Obamacare problem. “For those who currently have health care, there is great fear that bad stuff happening with the website presages bad stuff happening to them personally. It was this fear that drove the backlash against Obamacare in 2010. And, while there may not be any ‘real life’ consequences for the vast majority of consumers next year, just the fear alone of more bad things happening may drive the 2014 narrative as well.” Read the whole thing.

Demanding Obamacare go full steam ahead is so 2012. “The website failure gives credence to those who warn that government can’t be trusted to get big things right, and that the market, not bureaucrats, should fix health care. It’s not just the crazies who doubt government now. . . . Republicans may yet get their delay, not because they shut down the government, but because the president didn’t use his power to make his hard-fought legislation work.” A lot of n0n-crazies doubted government before, but we should remember the adage that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged (or frozen out of the Web site for days).